With today’s society, everything is becoming automated and trying to make life simpler for the consumer. We have our thermostats set on timers, robots cleaning the floors and doorbells with cameras. These are all things my colleague Jason has been using in his smart home and I hope to reach these automated levels one day. As for now I have been doing off simple with a couple products from SimpleHuman. Their name fits their moniker of products and have things you didn’t think you needed sensors on easier than before.

Sensor Can

SimpleHuman Sensor Can Closed


If you are trying to keep your kitchen tidy then the Sensor Can might be up your alley. I have been using it for months and it hasn’t picked up a speck of dirt thanks to its nano-silver clear coating. Usually over time you must wipe your garbage can down and so forth but it’s no need here. Wonderful thing about having a sensor can is it eliminates the mess you can make from opening and closing. When I’m cracking eggs I can easily just chuck them in the trash with no problem along with other food. It helps more than you think. SimpleHuman also keeps you update with its liner pocket to store bags. Once the SimpleHuman bags are running low you will come across a tab to reup. Of course, you can use your own bags at your leisure.

One of my favorite things about the Sensor Can is the fact it seems to keep odors locked inside. If you are interested in the Sensor Can they come in four assorted colors at a price point of $150.

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Foam Soap Sensor Pump

Now I have always had a soap dispenser in my bathroom but I have seen those tend to get messy from either them being pumped and soap residue being left around the nozzle or dripping around the bottle. Heck there have even been times where the pump would stop working all together or get clogged. So far using the Sensor Pump has been pretty good. There has been little to no mess which equals less clean up. I’m still on the first cartridge as the soap isn’t being wasted everywhere and lasts longer. Also, while this is automated there is no batteries needed and can be charged up via a USB cable.

SimpleHuman Sensor Soap Pump Closed

While I have this in my bathroom I been thinking about getting another one and using in the kitchen. It assists with spreading less germs when touching my soap dispenser, I have by my kitchen sink. Especially while cooking meats and such. If you are interested they run for $50 and have soap cartridges that in a huge array of scents and styles.

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