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1st Annual Five Points Festival is Breath of Fresh Air From Mainstream

This past weekend I got to attend the 1st annual Five Points Festival in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. If you are unaware Five Points Fest isn’t your typical mainstream convention and is more catered to the artists and their creations themselves rather than the bigger venues like NYCC that have all the mainstream hoopla surrounding them. 5PF took place in Pier 36 aka Basketball City where I have attended some other events and while it is far from say the train and everything else the venue was setup nicely.


Five Points Festival made sure they had a nice array of food trucks at your disposal with something for everyone. I tried out Phil’s Steaks as I’m a cheesesteak fan and it was good. Nice helping of chopped up steak, soft bread, etc. Also the prices werent bananas like you see sometimes.

JCorpTM - Boonicorns

As far as the actual festival, I must say it felt relaxed in there. The exhibitors didn’t look stressed out and the attendees seemed chill and liked what they saw. I was fascinated by some of the work and detail put in everything ranging from canvas, figures to even plush toys. Prices weren’t ridiculous and I even went home with a nice magnet from Zukie_Art I bought.

This was all put together by Clutter Magazine and LeftField. I liked the simple approach and layout of the booths with nothing extravagant or any loud blistering music playing while trying to talk to the makers of some of the creations I saw. I hope it garners enough buzz and funds for them to bring it back next year and I wouldn’t mind seeing it at the same location.

Below are some photos from different vendors I stopped by and chopped it up with a few:


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