Cars were never at the forefront of G Style Magazine when we started, we were always more about the consumer electronics and gadgets. And I wouldn’t really categorize a car as consumer electronics, but as time has gone on more and more consumer oriented tech has went into cars. This has made them something we needed to talk about and in 2012 we started reviewing cars. Mainly from looks, tech inside the car, and then the general experience. This has been the format until now, there have been some changes and now it is time for a revamp. We’ll still be talking about cars, still showing you images of wonderfully designed machines, but now we’ll welcome these cars to the Driveway and get a little more cozy, stay tuned….

This Week: The 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty

The first car (well truck really) to join us in the driveway is the 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty, and I kid you not the timing on this was perfect. We drove into the driveway back on February 8th and not too long after had a good amount of snow up in Orange County, NY. The Super Duty’s size, height off the ground, and that 4×4 actions made life that much easier during the snow.

Ford bills the 2017 Super Duty as the toughest, smartest, and most capable super duty ever. This was my first experience driving a truck of this size and really of this category, so while I can’t argue against those claims I can say that my first experience was definitely a good one.

The Ford F-250 is a great looking truck to have in your driveway. I recently moved to the area and as I’ve driven around the area I’ve noticed that families who had more than one car in the driveway, one of those was a pickup style truck. The Ford F-250 makes for a great looking truck to have parked in your driveway. But the F-250 isn’t just a looker-on the outside, the cabin is just as nice on the interior.


The inside of the F-250 feels as luxurious as any Sedan or SUV would, but makes sure if you need this as your workhorse you have everything you need within reach. On the work side you have an expansive storage with both open and covered bins. Sliding cup holders that offer two or four openings (this was a favorite feature during the week). And the wide center armrest in the middle can be used as a large desktop area. That last one was especially useful during my week as I was able use a laptop on it quite comfortably. The loaner we used came with an 8″ LCD productivity screen, which was a nice touch.

Some of the other cool features include; Center stack controls and buttons that are designed to work with gloves, dual glove box which provides increase storage, and new 110V/400W power outlets. I’m not gonna lie, this is a lot of truck and overkill if you just need a simple pick up for some small home projects here and there. But may overkill never look so good.

The tech package is just as impressive starting with the camera systems. On deck we have the front camera with 180 degree view. Side view mirror cameras providing views along both sides of the truck for trailer reverse guidance. A center high-mounted stop light camera which provides a clear view of the cargo bed. And finally a tailgate camera which provides 360 degree view when you add it with the front and side view mirror cameras. And this is just the camera package. There is still a new trailer tire pressure monitoring system, adaptive steering, adaptive cruise control, blind spot information with trailer coverage, land departure warning, and LED lighting everywhere! Headlights, tail lights, side-mirror spotlights, security approach lights, cargo box lighting, and tailgate lights. With all the lights at night you’ll look like a low flying UFO was around haha. Seriously it has a lot of lights!

I Really Enjoyed Driving the F-250 in the Snow!

I could seriously go on and on with more features, I didn’t even mention the hauling power and features there because really I didn’t have anything to haul. But if you need to move a trailer, or boat I think your good on that front with the F-250. But how does it feel to drive the F-250 during a week or snow and you too lazy to full clear your driveway completely…Amazing! As you can see from the images some serious snow had fallen that week and I was without any serious tools to clear it all. I did a good amount and since I had a 4×4, I shrugged and said why not and just use the F-250 to roll over the remaining.

Driving through areas where snow wasn’t fully cleared yet was simple as you can change driving modes. I can change from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel high and low as needed. This improved the traction and control I felt on the snow. When needed I definitely switch to this. After a few days when most of the snow was cleared, I switched back to 2 wheel drive. Highway driving took a little to get use too, while the F-250 has great acceleration and braking, being that high up at higher speeds was a little daunting. This though only took a day or so to get adjusted.

Overall the 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty is a great truck to own, but if you don’t need all that muscle I would scale down to something smaller. It’s time in the driveway was well received and I look forward to checking out more from Ford in the driveway!

In future segments of #ThisWeekInTheDriveway expect more reviews, images, and videos as we evolve the new revamp!

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