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Western Digital Unveils Portable My Passport SSD Drives

western digital my passport ssd

Western Digital has announced the release of their new SSD drives but making them in a more portable format. These will be added to their wildly popular “My Passport” line of hard drives. WD is giving you a fresh new look at how they are designing hard drives and this one has a slight futuristic look to it. Besides having this interesting look to it, WD is stating that the My Passport SSD is durable enough that it can surface a 6ft which is around the typical height of where things fall.

The My Passport SSD will be USB 3.1 Gen2(10Gb/s) ready with a USB Type-C to Type-C Cable. Of course they will also include an adapter for the use of USB Type-A formats as well. With it being Type C it can reach up to speeds of 515 MB/s. Also it has hardware encryption and password protection. It even has a three-year limited warranty.

western digital my passport ssd


My Passport SSD will be available in storage sizes of 1TB, 512GB and 256GB. Pricing will be $399.99(1TB), $199.99(512GB) and $99.99(256GB). Availability TBA but should be on WD’s website as well as BestBuy.com

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