Last year I had the opportunity to use the Endless PC mini. Prior to using the Endless PC Mini I had never heard of them. Just to give you some backstory. The Endless PC was originally intended to be effective way to get inexpensive computers to impoverished third world countries and underprivileged children without means to have a usable computer. It was a noble and different take on the PC because of it’s cost and what it offered for almost no money at all from a productivity and educational standpoint. Aside from Endless’ noble social intentions, I was pleasantly pleased when I did the review last year because the PC mini was a very good machine for the price and more than just a social project. After the review I wondered if this was going to be what Endless was going to stick with or eventually go more powerful. Well, my questions were answered and Endless didn’t stick with just the PC mini and they definitely got more powerful. Starting with the Endless One as their more powerful version of the PC mini.

Now we have the Mission One. It’s a step up from the PC mini (which you can still get). As I said it’s a lot more powerful with a different design and a higher price point, but do all of the aforementioned changes warrant a $249 price point? I’m not so sure but I’d still recommend the Mission One to anyone.

Just like the Endless Mini, the Mission One follows the same format. Simple computing in an inexpensive way. What does simple computing mean? Things like internet browsing (not streaming), checking email, online shopping, educational apps with a minimal office suite. The Mission One nails all of these packed in a little wooden minimalistic box. Although specs is not necessarily the reason you would buy a Mission One nor the reason I would recommend one but here is what is what’s in that little box.

Intel® Celeron® N2807
Dual Core CPU up to 2.17 GHz
500 GB Hard Drive Storage
1x USB 3.0
2x USB 2.0
Gigabit LAN
Audio 3.5mm in / out
Ethernet / WiFi / Bluetooth
Ships with Endless OS

The Mission One is basically the same PC as their Endless One in a cleaner, nicer form factor. At $249 there aren’t many options for a desktop PC that offers what the Mission One offers. Sure, you may get some better hardware but not the ability to offer so much to children and even adults who want to learn their way around a computer without frustration. They’ll also have a wealth of information preloaded and at their disposal without the need of a costly internet service and that in itself is priceless (no pun intended). This is what Endless does really well. You could give this computer to anyone of any age and they can set it up without a manual and be able to use it in a few minutes just by reading and following some simple instructions. Everything they can access is right in front of them on screen and you’re good to go.

Should I buy it?

Although we’re dealing with $249 as a price point I would still recommend the Mission One in a minute to parents, casual pc users and older people. The Mission One is a great alternative to Windows 10 PC’s which as much Microsoft may say they are, aren’t that easy to navigate through. It’s also a great option if you don’t have the budget for a pricey internet service. The Mission One gives you a ton of things to do whether you’re online or not. The Mission One has a 500gb internal hard drive so you can store your media on it too and make it an entertainment hub and with Linux being the primary OS everything runs fairly smoothly. PC’s don’t always have to do all things and they shouldn’t try to. Endless gets that and what they’re doing with their PC’s work. Wanna buy one? Get it HERE and even if you don’t use it for yourself. Somebody will thank you.

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