Mophie PowerStation XL Chinese New Year Battery Pack

Mophie PowerStation XL Chinese New Year Battery Pack

As it announced back at CES last month, mophie has decided to help celebrate the Chinese New Year with getting their PowerStation Plus XL decked out. To accomplish this, they setup a collabo with Hua Tunan who is a praised Chinese street artist. For 2017 it is Year of the Rooster and we can see some inspirations from that splattered across the battery pack.



Mophie PowerStation XL Chinese New Year Battery Pack 3So, if you notice the coloring of gold, black, red and I believe tan, Hua could use colors that are normally found on a rooster. Seeing it in images is one thing but when you hold it in hand in person the colors pretty much pop out at you. Besides the fantastic coloring, it’s your normal PowerStation Plus XL with an integrated USB cable that has a lightning cable tip but can be removed to reveal a microUSB tip as well. This can work well if you have an iPhone and an Android tablet or vice versa.

Also, if you want you can charge an additional device thanks to the USB port on the side. Next to that is a microUSB port for charging the battery pack. It does come with a microUSB cable and I must say the packaging for this battery pack was impressive. Slip out box in black with gold lettering and also included a card showing what # you have in this limited edition run. There are only 2,500 of these available. Well less now if you are reading this.


Mophie PowerStation XL

With this being a 12,000mAh battery I was able to get a couple charges off my iPhone 7+ and sometimes I’d connect the Google Pixel to it via USB since its port uses Type C. The battery indicator lights are bright on this battery pack and good to see when in a dark area or even going through your backpack. I did find it not take long to charge the battery as well. But this is all based on what kind of charging you are using though.


I think my only gripe with this battery pack was the removable tip. I wish it had a latch or something because you can easily misplace it if not careful.
If you are interested in celebrating the Chinese New Year or just want some funky street art colors you don’t typically see on a battery pack then the PowerStation Plus XL will be right up your alley. If the crazy styling isn’t your thing you can always get it in solid Gray or Pink.
Grab the PowerStation Plus XL for $99.99 on mophie’s website.

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