I love dash cams. When it comes to driving around in my car or my wife’s car, I find a dash cam to be an absolute necessity, even more so than a radar detector. While it’s great to have a radar detector, tickets from police can be avoided without one by just being more aware of your surroundings while driving and by not speeding. What you can’t avoid though is the stupidity of other drivers. That’s where a dash cam comes in. A dash cam will record any incident that occurs to you while you’re on the road so you’ll have evidence to show police or your insurance company when the other party isn’t quite telling the truth. This happens often since who really wants to be at fault when an accident occurs? It’s this reason that I will not drive any of my cars now without a dash cam installed.

With that said, my last dash cam in my car needed an upgrade especially with all the new features available now so again I looked to PAPAGO! for a solution. They have a huge selections of models to choose from depending on your needs and I ultimately decided on their new GoSafe 30G as the unit I needed in my car.

While my last dash cam was pretty basic and mainly only recorded my drives and would automatically save videos if a collision was detected, the new GoSafe 30G has that too and much, much more. Sure the specs are better with full HD recording at 1920X1080 @ 60fps, larger screen, and better camera, but it’s the other features that really make this new dash cam stand out.

The GoSafe 30G includes new driver assist features that help you drive smarter in case you aren’t paying attentions. These include stop sign recognition, stop and go warnings, headlight on reminders, and driver fatigue alarms. Not only that, if your car doesn’t already include it, you can also turn on lane departure warnings and as well as front collision warnings. On top of that, if you buy the optional TireSafe D10E TPMS , you can monitor your tire’s pressure and temperature in real time. This item I was sent to, but I’ll save that review for another time.

While all of this already make the GoSafe 30G one heck of a feature packed dash cam, it’s the built in GPS I think that really makes it stand out. The GPS here isn’t for mapping but instead is used to record where you are at all times and the speed at which you’ve been driving. What that means is that your videos can be tagged with the exact location of where you’ve been along with the time and date which further adds evidence and information to your videos. That means if an accident does occur, you have video proof that can’t be disputed because of the location data. Not only that, since it also records speed, lets say you get a traffic ticket that says you were going 80mph but the GPS sensor logs you as only going 60mph, well that just might help you beat a traffic ticket if you take it to court.

If you’re wondering how hard if is to install a dash cam, it isn’t hard at all. In fact, it’s the easiest thing you can install. Just use the included mounting hardware, which is suction mounted to your windshield and just plug it into a power source in your car. The GoSafe 30G includes a car charger with a really long cable if you want to tuck the cables around your windshield, or a shorter cable if you don’t mind it dangling down your dash. The dash cam itself is really simple to use and operate with much of it being automatic after the initial setup. You’ll really only need to mess with it if you want to pull video off the MicroSD card.

It’s because of all these features that makes the PAPAGO! GoSafe 30G my favorite dash cam to date. If you spend a lot of time driving, I definitely recommend grabbing a dash cam for your car.

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