For the longest time, the place my smartphone sat when it was in my car was the cup holder. It was just so easy throwing it there in the center stack as it was in close proximity to where the phone charging cable was in my car and was an easy reach when I needed it. However, it wasn’t the most convenient whenever I got notifications because that meant I had to actually pick it up and look at my phone which as you know isn’t quite safe while you’re driving.

With that said, this is the year where I finally added a smartphone holder to my car, but not one that sticks to the window. Instead, I have this one made by Just Mobile called the Xtand Vent. This is simple little device that attaches to your car’s air vent that will hold your phone securely and safely. This allows you to place your phone in a much higher position in your line of sight so that when you do get a notification or a call, you can see exactly what it is and who it came from without having to pick it up. A quick glance will tell you everything you need to know.

The Xtand Vent is very easy to install and does not require anything special for installation. You don’t need double sided tape and no need to suction it to your window for use. That means removal is quite simple as well and because it’s not used on your window, you have more viability while driving.

As for what devices the Xtand Vent can accommodate, I’ve used it on small devices like the iPhone 5 and large devices like the LG V20. It will not hold a tablet. The widest it will go is 3.6in/91mm so check your device before using this. Also, the Xtand Vent can be used in both landscape and portrait mode which is great if you are using app that require landscape mode.

The Xtand Vent is very well made with mixed materials. It’s got aluminum bits mixed in with plastic and rubber bits. It looks pretty nice, but isn’t very flashy or really noticeable when in use. It’s very minimally styled which I appreciate and goes well with the current color scheme of my interior.

If you want a smartphone holder in your car and don’t know what to get, I suggest an air vent type holder like the Just Mobile Xtand Vent. It will fit in any vehicle with air vents and will hold pretty much any smartphone out right now. I just really like how it doesn’t get in my way and I don’t have to use any sticky tape on my dash. That alone makes the Xtand Vent well worth it.

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