Besides checking out the LG Tone Studio wearable, I also got some quick hands-on with LG’s other wearable the Tone Free. The Tone Free looks exactly like the LG Tone you grown to love or hate except now the earbuds are truly wireless. Wireless earbuds are becoming the newest thing and I expect to see more companies dropping them left and right. As for these they can be charged via two ways. Either the included neckband or the optional accessory which is like a charge pod.

Wearing them around my neck and trying to pop them out one by one via a “push” button on each side of the neckband will take some getting used to especially if you are trying to grab a call quickly. I personally prefer the ear pod casing but that’s me.

LG said they should be around the $200 price range and the optional ear pods could be around $50 since they are just a charging pod. Release date is estimated around March 2017.

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