It’s the holiday season and it’s about that time when you just want to stay in the house and cuddle up with one of your gaming controllers. There are sooo many games out there you might not ever get a chance to finish some titles or never get into them at all. While the “current-gen” of consoles with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 bringing us new IPs and trying to provide innovation in gaming it has also become a haven for remastered titles. Most are from the last gen wars of consoles and have been given a visual revitalization so to speak. They can range from new graphics, all their previous DLCs, and even have kinks and bugs worked out. These have a ton of replay value with some ranging from 2-4 games to feed your gaming hunger.

Destiny the Collection


A game that keeps making more and more intriguing DLC to pull you back in comes from Destiny. This game originally hit the scene in 2014 and has since manage to spread itself out with 4 DLC packs providing more weapons, maps, and gameplay to keep you grinning with your friends. This latest collection gives all of this bundled together so you get ALL of Destiny.


Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Edition


Even though this edition is really more of a re-release for PS4, it is well worth having in your collection. Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary brings you everything you loved from it previously but with all the DLC, plus new expansion gaming content to keep you busy. If you already own this for XB1 you can of course get everything separately.


Batman Return to Arkham


In what can be considered some of the best superhero comic book games ever comes from Rocksteady with Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. If you have never got a chance to play it’s definitely worth getting into. This also includes all the challenge maps and character skins from their DLC. Before you “Be the Batman” in Arkham Knight play what titles led you up to it.

Skyrim V Special Edition


If you want to breeze through winter fast then go head and pop in this remaster of the killer open world RPG known as Skyrim. This is a time consuming game and hours will go by without you even realizing it. The game has been touched up to go head-on with some of the newer games in this generation and the replay value on this is infinite. Of course if you been playing this on PC you will probably be unmoved by most of this but those on consoles will be sucked back in.


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition (Includes Modern Warfare)


While Infinite Warfare is technically a new game, its Legacy Edition holds one of the best FPS shooters ever in a remastered version of Modern Warfare. This remaster gives you 10 maps, single player mode, progression and even dedicated servers for this game alone. If you can’t deal with the futuristic trippy style of IW you can take it back to the days of normality and boot up MW.

BioShock Collection


Return to “Rapture” in this remastered collection of the three Bioshock games in the series. Graphics have been updated to meet next-gen standards, all the DLC is included and there is even a documentary with commentary from Bioshock creator Ken Levine. If you never played Bioshock it’s a quirky kind of series full of melee weapons, magic and great visuals.

Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection


If you owned a PlayStation 3 and never played Uncharted what were you doing with your life?! The Uncharted series is considered one of the best to date from its storytelling, catalog of weapons and crazy visuals. As the series progressed from 1 to 3 it played more like an interactive movie. It’s built from the ground up to take advantage of the graphical prowess of the PS4.

Gears of War 4

Gears-of-War-4_herolOne of the forefathers of the Xbox 360 reign comes from the Gears of War series. Great storytelling, awesome visuals come from this series. With the latest entry into the series you get to play as new characters and interact with some old ones. Best of all when you buy Gears of War 4 you get access to all the previous titles such as Gears of War all the way through Gears of War: Judgement. That’s a total of five titles for the price of one.

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