AfterShokz has announced their limited edition ‘Shokz Box‘ for the fitness enthusiast in your life and it’s just in time for Black Friday. We’re coming around to that time of year where we start promising ourselves we’ll get our fitness on track after the holiday. No one wants to worry about dieting and fitness when the turkey and stuffing start getting passed around the Thanksgiving Day table. Then comes Christmas so why not just wait and start off the New Year right?

From now until Black Friday, November 25th at 11:59pm you can get $200 worth of fitness and tech goodies to help give you or your favorite fitness junkie or newbie a jump on those New Year resolutions, for $139.95. “Cool Story Bro, but what’s in the box?” In true holiday spirit, AfterShokz wants you to be surprised, so they aren’t telling. However, they assure you that each box will come with either a pair of Trekz Titanium or Trekz Titanium Mini headphones in your choice of color. Aside from that, you will also get six other tech and fitness goodies. “But, $130 sounds like a lot of money to pay for a mystery gift” – I agree but when you consider you’re only paying $10 over the price of a pair of Trekz Titanium or Trekz Titanium Mini, do you seriously have anything to lose? You’ll be getting $70 worth of new tech and fitness goodies. The way I figure it is- that’s $70 worth of regifting opportunities OR $70 worth of extra motivation to get you or your loved one started off right. Surprise :)


Why Trekz Titanium?

If you’re unfamiliar with the company AfterShokz their headphones are built on Bone conduction technology. Bone conduction is a natural part of the hearing process—sound travels through our eardrums and bones simultaneously. But, with their patented tech, the sound is produced via mini vibrations that will go through your cheekbones to your inner ears and bypass your eardrums altogether. The speakers don’t cover or sit inside your ears which not only makes them more comfortable than traditional headphones but safer because you will always be aware of your surroundings. The design still allows you to enjoy crystal clear calls and premium audio. Did I mention that they are also sweatproof?

In conclusion, for $139.95 you will save money, knock someone off your gift list or get something for yourself and save your eardrums. Not a bad deal. Remember this is a limited edition holiday box, and you have until 11:59 PM this Friday, November 25th to pick one (or a few) up! Happy Shopping!

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