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Tomorrow is the big day. The day Apple finally unveils the new iPhone 7 and there will be no shortage of fanfare and excitement for that but what else could possibly be in store tomorrow that Apple may unveil? Here’s what we think Apple will ultimately show off or tell us about.

Different versions of the iPhone 7

Leaked iPhone 7 images

Of course it’s not news that Apple is unveiling the iPhone 7, after all it’s why there’s so much hype. What we don’t exactly know is how many phones we may see and what they’ll be offering in terms of storage. There’s a lot of noise floating around in rumorville about there being three versions of the iPhone 7. There’s supposed to be a standard iPhone 7 similar in size to the current iPhone 6, there’s the iPhone 7 Plus which is what the 6S Plus is now and then the iPhone 7 Pro. Not sure what the need for three different versions of the same phone signify but it’s been speculated that there are going to be differences in the camera and storage capacity as to the need for three phones. I also don’t know why Apple needs three phones to do that but photos that have surfaced online and the consistency in the rumors could lead one to believe that’s exactly the case here. Apple of course will neither confirm or deny so it’s anybody’s call.

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 1

The Apple Watch 2 or version 2 is also expected to be announced and unveiled which could be big for those who didn’t have any interest in buying an Apple Watch prior. They may now be interested if they believe that the second time around Apple gets it right. As for those who already have them they would get a much better experience due to the design and hardware changes that are to be expected and the release of iOS 10 which is supposed to make the new Apple Watch a more cohesive component of the Apple ecosystem. (No, pic above is not the Apple Watch 2 either)

Wireless charging, New MacBooks, Water resistance, home button and more?

These are some of the things that we’ve heard a lot from rumorville about possibilities for the latest iPhone. It probably won’t happen tomorrow but that doesn’t mean we can’t mention it. We’ll start with wireless charging. This is the one feature that for some strange reason Apple never thought to be necessary. They may still feel that way but there’s hope that they may finally see the light and welcome wireless charging.

Water resistance is more than past due. Apple has OCD about their design and we all understand and appreciate it because every iPhone that’s been made to date have always been gorgeous and ahead of its time. This has always been Apple’s argument as to why they didn’t incorporate water resistance because of the change to the design it may require. They’ve been adamant. I don’t see this happening but it would be nice. It’s past due. iPhone users don’t care about a little added thickness if it means that if they drop their phone in the toilet they won’t have to concern themselves with buying a new $800 iPhone.

A touch home button is also a big one that I’ve heard about and I don’t know how true it may be but if there’s going to be any waterproofing of any kind then it would help to not have a physical home button. You could of course do it with one as well but why bother? It would be nice to see Apple take a risk like that although I’m not quite sure how putting your phone in recovery would work in the future.

New MacBooks are the one thing that I think even more than a new iPhone that Appleheads want. It’s been a few years since Apple has refreshed the MacBooks and there is no device in the Apple ecosystem that probably needs it more. Make no mistake the MacBook is still one of the most imitated laptops on the market, for a reason. If Apple doesn’t refresh it this time around then you can expect some really big changes when it becomes available. I’ve heard about some touch elements being added to the keyboard (please, no touchscreen). Apple please have a conference quickly after this one and announce a MacBook refresh…Pleeeeeeeeease.

Wishful Thinking

Wishful thinking is what you have when trying to anticipate what Apple is gonna do next. One never knows and I guess you have to love the mystery surrounding all of this. Apple has a lot of issues they can address because their loyalists want it and quite frankly so do we. We’ll see what goes on. If you want to catch the live stream and you’re not one of the lucky few to be there. You can hit Apple’s website up HERE

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