As great as wireless headphones and speakers are, I’m sure many of you are still using wired versions of these. Most likely it’s because you just can’t justify spending even more money on something you already own, just a wireless version of it.  That means you’re still using wired headphones or plugging your smartphone into a wired speaker setup at parties. What if I told you that you could transform your current equipment into wireless devices with a simple little gadget from ASOME?


How Does it Look?

The ASOME when you first see it is a tiny little rectangular shaped thing that isn’t much bigger than a pack of chewing gum. It’s a very simple design that consists of just the body, a small circular button with integrated LED light, audio jack, and a metal hanger. Designed by Joongho Choi Studio in Korea, which has worked with such companies as Samsung, Jabra, 3M, and others, the look of the ASOME is quite nice and attractive. It is very clean and is something I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear around.


What Does it Do?

The ASOME makes that which is wired, wireless. That means any old pair of wired headphones, earphones, or speakers can be turned into wireless units by just plugging it into the ASOME. The ASOME does come with it’s own wired earphones, but you’re probably going to want to use the ones that you own already.

Setup is pretty simple with the ASOME. Just plug in your headphones and the ASOME will turn on itself. If it’s your first time pairing to your device, just set your smartphone or whatever to scan for any new Bluetooth devices and it should find the ASOME. Connect to it and that’s it.

If you’re worried about how they sound, don’t be. These actually sound pretty good regardless of what headphones or earphones you’re using. If what you were using was already really good, you shouldn’t notice any difference between having them wired or wireless with the ASOME. Not only that, if what you are using has a built in mic, you can use it with the ASOME as well.

The only issue I had with the ASOME is that turning off the device isn’t quite as straightforward as they make it seem. While all the material points to the fact that unplugging your headphones or speakers from the ASOME should turn the device off, my smartphone notification bar begs to differ. According to the notification bar, Bluetooth stays connected to the ASOME even when unplugged and stays like this for an indefinite time. If you disable Bluetooth on your smartphone, the ASOME LED indicator will continuously blink blue for about 2 minutes. When you turn Bluetooth back on on your device, it will reconnect to the ASOME during this time. If you wait for the light to stop blinking and then turn your Bluetooth back on, it will not reconnect, which means the ASOME is most likely off now. It’s the only solution I’ve found that actually turns it off, I think but it would have been better if unplugging your headphones or speakers actually turned it off.


Final Thoughts

Despite this little issue, the ASOME is a pretty neat little device that does exactly what it says it does. You’re able to use any wired audio device to make it wireless. I’ve hooked this thing up to my computer speakers, headphones, earphones, and my home entertainment system and the ASOME allows me to stream music from my smartphone to those devices.

This is a great solution though for music lovers who want to hold on to their favorite pair of wired headphones or earphones, turning them into wired units without having to spend hundreds on new ones.

The ASOME is available in three different colors – White and Dark Gray – and can be had with the default neck strap or optional clip or belt loop.


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