Microsoft always has the young thinkers in mind and this time they are offering a bundle that is exclusive only to them. For a limited time from June 29th(today) to August 14th when students purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro 4(or Surface Book), they are able to get a $300 credit good towards a Microsoft Xbox One. This is a great way for students to do work on their Pro 4s and then use some of those skills on say Minecraft and vice versa. Also while some may not believe it but video games are actually good for the mind.

This is definitely a nice way also for Microsoft to move some of their Xbox One units out to make room for the upcoming Xbox One S model(which is excluded from this promo) that is coming at the end of August.

Video Game Play + The Mind**

    • Those who play 5+ hours of video games per week see a 1.75x high odds of being higher intellectual functioning and 1.88 times higher level of overall high school success.
    • Gamers have higher levels of attention span and faster processing responses allowing them to multi-task more effectively in a variety of real-world complicated scenarios.
    • Game play, in particular, video game play, not only improves our cognitive ability to learn but has been proven historically to drive new patterns of thinking and innovation.
    • Play stimulates our brains in new and novel ways allowing us to make free connections between concepts or ideas that would not have naturally come to us. From the comedians who write SNL to the surgeons gearing up for surgery, a small amount of game play can make them more creative, more inventive and more productive.

**Research completed by professor Daphne Bavelier


To show how serious Microsoft is with this you can only(at the point) gain access to this special thru the EDU portal on the Microsoft Store site. Its a pretty awesome offer if you are in the market for both. If you are interested you can click here for more.

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