One of the games that I found to be surprisingly well done was a game called “We Happy Few”. At first when Microsoft rolled the trailer I thought it was another BioShock installment but once I got into the trailer I knew right away that it was a game that I wanted to play.

When you watch the trailer you can see right away that it’s a creepy and weird kind of sci-fi game reminiscent of Clockwork Orange. Set in the 1960’s we know that everyone in the town is basically functioning (I’m using that term loosely) off of a drug that leaves them delusional, “happy” and unknowingly murderous and psychotic. I’m intrigued to know exactly why the people of the town are all this way and what role you (your character) plays in all of it. It doesn’t look good for you since you’re now considered a “downer” and the fight for your life and probably the lives of the townspeople are at stake. It’s a truly trippy experience and what I believe will be a sleeper hit for the XBOX ONE. You should check out the trailer and judge for yourself. You’ll want to play this game.

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