img2Some of you out there probably have a favorite pair of wired headphones or earphones you use on a daily bases that work just fine and sound great. You’ve probably been using them for a good amount of time now and still see no reason to upgrade them to wireless ones. What if I told you there was an accessory that could turn your favorite wired headphones or earphones into wireless ones so you don’t have to give them up?

That accessory is called ASOME and connects to any headphone or earphone with a standard 3.5mm audio jack and can transmit signals from any source using Bluetooth 4.0. The little device even has several mounting options such as a neck strap, clip, and a hook system so carrying this little thing will never be a problem. With 10 hours of listening time and variety of colors, you can finally be untethered from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, whatever and feel the freedom of wireless, even if you’re still using your same old wired headphones and earphones.

The ASOME will be hitting Indiegogo very soon with early bird packages starting at $49 and $59.

UPDATE: Indiegogo page is live. You can check it out here:

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