Bungie Leak Shows Destiny “Rise of Iron” Trailer Just Before Their Live Stream TODAY

Rise of Iron

Fans of Destiny have a lot to look forward to as Bungie takes Destiny to a new level with the new “Rise of Iron” DLC. Bungie has been hinting at this new expansion for quite some time and now we know it’s the real deal. How do we know? An unfortunate Snapchat leak showed off the new trailer for the Rise of Iron and in that trailer Lord Saladin is unmasked and narrates what the new story is all about.

More or less, the new DLC focuses on the Fallen or some form of it and with that we get quite a bit. Here’s what to be expected with the new release

New story
New armor and weapons
New raid
New strike
New zone
New social space
New Crucible mode and maps
New enemy faction and bosses

It looks like Bungie has taken their time and added a lot of content. How this translates to a better game remains to be seen and if all works out well it should hopefully bring back some of its core Destiny players that have lost interest in the game to some degree (myself included).


There is a lot to be seen in the trailer and it’s exciting to see what’s going on. Most exciting is that those who pre-order will get the new Iron Gjallarhorn. You heard that right, The Gjallarhorn. Bungie has brought back THE most sought after and overpowered weapon in the game but no longer do you have to hope for a lucky drop or for Xur to sell it. It’s a good thing for those that never got to use the Gjallarhorn, it’s back and it’s black and if they keep it the same as the original then you should kick some ass. Official release is on 9-20-2016.

Aside from the Rise of Iron leak Bungie will be having an exclusive showing of that content today on their Twitch channel at it starts at 1pm if you’re on the East coast and 10am if you’re on the West. Make sure you check it out at Twitch.TV/Bungie

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