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Jerry Green’s about to “Let It Down” Heavy on the Charts

This kid Jerry Green is heating up the airwaves with my favorite track right now with “Let It Down.” This joint has that old school scratchy drum track produced by Beat Bully meshed with a melodic groove that gets the hood bobbin’ with ease. Jerry Green’s vocals smoothly sits in the pocket of this banger. You can just call me Mr. Repeat because I have this piece crankin’ back to back. It immediately changes my mood positively without question. Mr. Green’s got one, so get on it and push all that bulls**t aside.

Malcolm Battenhttp://www.mr-showpiece.com
One of the first dancers hired on BET's Teen Summit as a regular. Danced on BET's Teen Summit for 5 years with "The Best Kept Secret" DJ Cocoa Chanelle and straight from the "Tiger's Den" Big Tigga along with Teen Summit's host from Belma Johnson, Prince Dajour to Ananda Lewis. Malcolm has also been danced for such artist like Mya, Missy, Timbaland & Magoo, Notorious B.I.G., Craig Mack, Lil Kim, Method Man, Jay-Z, 112, Mary J. Blige, Horace Brown just to name a few. With Malcolm's aka Showpiece love for music and music production/songwriting ability has his hand on the pulse of music anywhere from R&B to Alternative. These characteristics only enlightens his writing ability encompassing a unique take on the music he reviews and this is one of the imprints of G Style Magazine that helps keep the G in G Style fresh.


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