I’ve had the HTC 10 for just about a week now and it is sure to be a contender for those looking to pick up a new smartphone in 2016. After spending a week with it so far, I have some thoughts and opinions on HTC’s newest flagship device. Some of them are based in the fact that I’ve been a HUGE HTC fan for a very long time. I go both as far as the HTC Aria. I’ve had the full gamut of the HTC One line from the HTC One X, to the One X+ M7, M8, and M9! To say I’m familiar with this line and brand is one thing for sure! And at the same time the Nexus 6P has become my favorite go to Android device, so the HTC 10 has some big shoes to fill. But how do I feel about the HTC 10 after the first week, here are a few thoughts…

This Phone Needs A Case!

IMG_20160413_010816 The HTC 10 look great and I love the metal body. This always scream premium feel, but damn if this isn’t slippery as hell! When we were given this review, HTC didn’t include that new ICE case for it, but I really wish they provided something. I’ve been on pins and needles all week with this thing. It is seriously that slippery. You’ll need to actively focus on holding it just right as you type or it will slide out of your hands!

Now I’ve been a fan of the design language HTC has steer in ever since the HTC One M7, and the HTC 10 further pushes that language. The HTC 10 is definitely a great look phone and it feel good to hold and use (when not sliding out of course!). Little things HTC has done on this one have been done well, like the different texture of the power button oppose to the volume buttons. This helps so I know which I’m pressing when not looking. I also like the fingerprint scanner that doubles as the home button, though it doesn’t take some getting use it. Although it is a touch sensitive button, at times I keep feeling as I have to “press” it. This has led to me activating Google On Tap instead. This has also led to me accidentally unlocking the phone when holding/handling when I didn’t mean to. While I can get use to the fingerprint scanner being on the front, ideally I still think it is best suited on the back like the Nexus 6P.

Bring On Adoptable Storage!

IMG_20160413_011230 Since the HTC 10 has Android 6.0 aka Marshmallow onboard, it has the ability to use the adoptable storage feature. This is an ability I can’t use in the Nexus 6P since Google isn’t big on microSD cards. With the HTC 10 you can take a microSD and augment your internal storage with it. The HTC 10 support up to 2TB cards and for the review was nice enough to pass out an 200GB microSD card. Yes 200GB! I remember when that was high-end on a computer, not they’re packed into microSD. Now imagine that in your phone. Why someone would need 200+ GB in their phones is beyond me but very nice to have if you pick up the 32GB option to save some money, and then add a SD card for more storage!

Can’t Help But Love It…But

I can’t help but praise HTC for this latest device. The HTC 10 so far is something anyone could love. It looks great, has the latest and greatest Android OS, and the specs and features are up to the task. I really like the camera on it, HTC has had trouble in this regards but I think they have a solid one this time around. Shots I’ve taken have looked great, I really need to get into photographer mode to really put it through its paces; but so far all my normal just any day pictures have come out good. With BoomSound while I do miss the front facing speaker, so far the quality from this new version have been more than good.


The screen quality is good, and performance is exceptional…but is it enough? I’ve really gotten to love my Nexus 6P. And as a long time fan of HTC phones, I really want to love this more than the Nexus 6P. A week definitely isn’t enough to decide for sure, but trust I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with more thoughts and to let you know if this is the phone with staying power! By then I’ll have come camera usage and more under my belt. I’ll be able to say definitively if this flagship phone lives up to the premium feel those before held down!

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