LG V10

LG V10
Even though there has been a lot of hoopla (and great reason) over the next great handset coming from LG in the G5, its late model the often overlooked LG V10 is still fairly new coming out in early November and can be a sleeper of sorts depending on its use. Here are some reasons that may help you reconsider picking up the LG V10.

Swap Outs Aplenty

LG has always tried something new with their devices and in the upcoming G5 they will be introducing first steps towards a modular smartphone. You can essentially pull out a slot and say replace it with a bigger battery, better camera, etc. The LG V10 still offers the good old pull the back cover off and swap out method. You can still easily swap out the battery, sim card and thankfully still has microSD card expansion. LG has never left its supporters out in the cold with this one while others flipped flop back and forth between models.

Available on All Major Carriers

The LG V10 can be found on all major carriers in the US such as Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. Reception has been pretty good with the device and I have used it with AT&T from coast to coast either here in the Big Apple or during my last week stay in Vegas during CES. I maintained a good 30mbps on it and sometimes used it as a hotspot. Check AT&T to see how good coverage is in your area.

Full Control of Video and Picture Taking


There isn’t many smartphones out there that offer full manual controls for your picture taking and there is virtually none that give that same control for video. The LG V10 has manual video settings in mind and is for the person that wants to do everything their self and perfect it to the very end. It makes it one of the best video shooters and picture takers on the market and it’s something you really need to try out to fully understand.


Stellar Speed

The LG V10 is a beast in the specs department with everything you’d want in a smartphone. It has a gorgeous 5.7” QHD display which can help with viewing some dazzling video. Above that is a 2.1” display that is fully scrollable. Use it for the time, to open apps or even read your notifications.
Under the hood you have 4GB of RAM running alongside a Snapdragon 808 processor and comes with 64GB of storage to start. Of course as mentioned earlier you can up the ante and throw in a 128GB microSD card to help with your media consuming appetite.

As stated the LG G5 is coming and it looks to be a different kind of smartphone that may intrigue some fans and alienate others. With the LG V10 you get a familiar and strong built smartphone that offers a plethora of options ranging to some of the best cameras in a phone to quick turbo charging when you are almost out of juice.

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