Just when everyone was warming up to the Amazon Echo(thanks to that spectacular Super Bowl commercial) here comes two new Alexa enabled products to push the reach of Echo even further.  Its been close to a year since Amazon Echo came onto the scene and looks like Amazon is continuing its onslaught of devices to make life easier(or lazier) for you.




First off if you ever wanted to put Alexa anything this is one step closer. The Echo Dot takes the Alexa Voice Service of the Amazon Echo speaker and allows you to connect it to any audio speaker either via bluetooth or audio cable. It still has the same functionality as the Amazon Echo such as controlling your home automated products, playing music and ordering some Dominos. So here is the kicker, the Amazon Echo Dot is only $89.99 but can only be ordered through your Amazon Echo or Fire TV. Quantities are limited and are probably gone as you read this.


Next up is the Amazon Tap. Similar to the Amazon Echo but for portable for on the go. Press the Tap button and you can ask Alexa to play music, hear the latest news or haul a Uber for that ride home. With it being a portable speaker it can be used with a colorful accessory called the Amazon Tap Sling. Pre-orders are up for Amazon Tap now at $129.99 and will be available on March 31st



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