Remote controls aren’t a new thing with the PlayStation console, it started with the first one that came out with the PS2. Then the PS3 got its own version and most people (including me) loved the idea, but the thing about the remote control was that it was always a “Do I really need this for my game console?” type of peripheral. This was the elephant in the room. Realistically speaking for me, the answer would normally be NO but things have changed now that I’m a little older and the PS4 has been here for a while. It makes sense to have one since so much of what we do is based on entertainment online.

playstation 4 remoteSony put together a new bluetooth remote control last year for the PS4 and it wasn’t until now that I took it out of the box and started using it that I realized I was missing out on functionality. I noticed that using the Dualshock 4 was kind of uncool in a certain sense. Better late than never, right? Here’s the thing, the PS4 is so much more than a game system now. Although it pales in comparison to what the Xbox ONE offers as a media hub. The PS4 still offers you a lot in terms of online entertainment. You have Netflix, Hulu, HboGo, Crackle, etc, and trying to go thru all of the functions of the PS4 is easy with the Dualshock 4 but it’s so much easier with the PS4 remote. Everything you need is right on the remote control panel so your fingers don’t go far and you can wing it one-handed. It’s also universal so you can program a multitude of different devices and turn them on or off with one push of a button. Simplicity. That’s it.

The question is do you want to spend $30 bucks on it? I say, “Why not?”. I’ve spent $30 on game add-ons that aren’t even worth it half of the time so why not spend that money on something that’s functional and serves a purpose. It’s great little add-on if you have a PS4 at home and if you don’t feel like playing a game grab your remote and use your PS4 differently. It’s the accessory that I didn’t realize that I needed. Real talk. Grab yours at HERE or your local retailer.

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