ASAP Dash Battery Charger 4

One piece of accessory tech I have grown fond over the years is that of battery packs. I have used all sorts of shapes, sizes, and different capacities. Some work better than others and prove benefits that the other may not have. This time around I’m able to try out a new battery pack called the ASAP Dash. Sure it might look some of your usual powerbanks out there but there lies something special under the hood. It states it has the capability of charging itself from zero to 100% in about 15 minutes top. Dealing with charging battery packs has always been a pain as you either forget to charge them or they just take too damn long. So it poses the question “Can the ASAP Dash fulfill those painful battery issues?”


ASAP Dash Battery Charger

Taking it out the packing you can feel how light the ASAP Dash is. Its 179g and its thickness is around 13mm. This makes it rather slim and light to throw in my shoulder bag or toss it in my backpack with my other devices without taking much space. Its exterior build has a feel of aluminum which is rather smooth but still reminds me slightly of that brushed metal touch. While it does look nice I’m always weary of these aluminum builds sometimes because they can be prone of scratches in the future pretty easily. Besides that it has power button, microUSB port, USB port and AC port for charging capabilities. On top you can see indications of battery life thanks to its blue led design with four dots.


ASAP Dash Battery Charger 5

So here comes the real test, does the ASAP Dash Charger do as advertised? First off I charged it from whatever battery life it had to 100%. But afterwards I pretty much killed it to 0% and went ahead and tried to charge it up. Low and behold under 15 minutes the battery was back up at 100% and was able to uses its 5,000mAh battery capacity to charge my iPhone 6S Plus and LG V10. Using it to charge devices seem to be like any other battery packs I have dealt with the charging up of the ASAP Dash Battery itself worked like a charm and is impressive.


ASAP Dash Battery Charger 2

After messing around with the ASAP Dash it can see it being a lifesaver for those that always forget to charge their batteries. Seeing this is their first battery I’d love to see them implement this tech in similar batteries that maybe have lightning, microUSB or even Type C embedding into the battery for those that always forget wires. Retail for the ASAP Dash is set for $119.99 and release date of June 2016. If you check out their Indiegogo link you can select a perk and get one at a lower price of $69 $79 at the moment(for its pending release).

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