wufkjpbfxsrepfrntwyeFitbit’s first entry into the “ultimate fitness super watch” category (Fitbit Surge) was a nice effort, loaded with features such as GPS, a heart rate monitor, and sleep tracking. What it lacked though was style. It was a great as a fitness tracker when working out but it wasn’t something you’d wear out to a fancy dinner. This year, Fitbit is introducing the new Fitbit Blaze which has much in common with its ugly older brother, but in a more modular form that can be paired with much nicer looking bands.

For the most part, the Fitbit Blaze is just like the Surge except that it does away with the built-in GPS in favor of connected GPS with your smartphone and it features an all new hi-res color touchscreen. The biggest change however comes from the fact that you can swap out the frame and band to accommodate any lifestyle situation. It comes standard with a rugged elastomer band while the leather and metal band options will be sold separately.

The Fitbit Blaze is currently up now on their site for preorder and will released later this year.