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By now, most of you should own a wireless portable speaker. You’re either will happy with your purchase, or you’re in the market for something newer and nicer looking. Might I direct your attention then to the PAWW SoundBox 10, a Bluetooth/NFC enabled speaker made almost entirely of aluminum that also features slick looking, touch panel controls.

What is it?

The PAWW SoundBox 10 is an NFC/Bluetooth equipped wireless speaker from a brand you’ve probably never heard of before. Upon first glance, the SoundBox 10 doesn’t seem too different from most of the other speakers I’ve looked at in the past and I’m sure you thought the same as well. However, upon closer inspection, the SoundBox 10 actually has a lot going for it that make it worth a look.

For starters, I haven’t seen too many portable speakers made almost entirely out of aluminum. The body is cut from a solid piece of aluminum and is topped off with a gorgeous looking touch enabled control panel. The bottom features a non-slip, highly grippy material that really keeps the SoundBox 10 in place.

Nothing about this speaker looks cheap at all and despite the quality of the materials used and the fit and finish of the build, the SoundBox 10 is surprisingly affordable.

SoundBar 10

Is it easy to set up?

If you’re device has NFC built in, the SoundBox 10 is the easiest thing in the world to set up. All you have to do is tap the speaker with your smartphone for instance and it will automatically configure your Bluetooth connection. No need to scan for a device or pair manually, not that Bluetooth is difficult to set up, but this just makes it so much simpler.

Of course if you don’t have NFC or Bluetooth, you can always just plug in the aux cable which I guess is a simple 1-step operation as well.

SoundBar 10

How does it sound?

Here’s where the SoundBox 10 really excels. For a little speaker, this thing really packs a punch. This is thanks to the two neodymium drivers nestled up front behind the speaker grill and the passive radiator hidden out back for deep bass. That’s what the that slit is under the touch panel that is carved into the block of aluminum. Again, a very nice design that keeps things tidy and clean.

I’ve tried the speaker out so far for genres like hip hop, rock, country, classical, pop, and even Christmas music, and all of it sounds really good. I’m no audiophile, but I’m very pleased with the way this thing sounds. Highs and mids sound very crisp and clear, even at the highest volume and the bass is deep, but not over powering.

SoundBar 10

What else does it do?

Aside from music, the PAWW SoundBox 10 also functions as a speakerphone. It can take calls from your device and has a built in mic. Also, the SoundBox 10 isn’t limited to Bluetooth and NFC connected devices. Because it has an AUX port, it can also be used for devices that don’t have wireless.

Lastly, I really like how these speakers have independent volume controls. Yes you can still control the volume from your device, but volume can also be adjusted on the SoundBox 10 that doesn’t change the volume setting on your device. I suggest cranking the SoundBox 10 all the way up and then using your device to adjust volume like that. This way you can play your music at the highest volume if you want.

To keep the party going for as long as possible, the Soundbox 10 can last a respectable 10 hours on a single 4-hour charge. When you do run out of power, it can be recharged using a micro-USB cable.

SoundBar 10

Final Thoughts

The PAWW SoundBox 10 is a very good wireless speaker from a relatively new and unknown company. That should not deter you however from checking out what is a quality speaker made of high end materials. The SoundBox 10 is not only made really well, but also sounds great with any genre of music.

My favorite part of the SoundBox 10 though is the slick looking touch controls that really give this thing a high end look and feel. Not to mention the inclusion of NFC makes setting up the SoundBox 10 a breeze.

What might surprise you though is the price of this. If you were to judge pricing by looks, this would be well over $200 range. Instead, PAWW has made a quality speaker that costs less than $100.

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