We have a couple of days left till Christmas but there are always some last-minute avid shoppers out there. Some just haven’t been able to get out or just unsure what to get. You be surprised(or maybe not) that Amazon has various options to help with your shopping needs and most of them involve you not even leaving your couch or office. Here are some last-minute ideas to get those presents under the tree.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

What started out as just a membership for 2 day delivery has evolved in one of the best memberships to have. For $99 you get a year subscription that provides you with 2-day delivery on Amazon Prime items and $4.99 if you want them next day. But it doesn’t stop there as with this subscription you also get access to Prime Instant Video which features TV shows, movies, etc and also Prime Music which gives you access to a huge catalog of musical artists.

If you live in certain cities you can also be eligible for Amazon Prime Now. I have used it and its pretty awesome. Its only accessible through your mobile phone such as Android or iOS but it allows you to get deliveries of items in their stores in two hours for FREE. One hour deliveries are just $7.99. Believe its a great deal as I used it one day to order some chocolate for one of my coworkers as it was their birthday. They were pleasantly surprised as well. The app also provides real-time tracking to along with it.

Amazon Dash

Amazon Dash Button

Ever find you are running low on something in the house but always forget to order it or go out to the store? Amazon’s Dash Button is one of the most simple things to use. You purchase one of their Dash buttons for $4.99(and they will give you a $4.99 credit) for one of your favorite products and stick it wherever you find it easy to access. It can be on a fridge, desk, cabinet, anywhere your WiFi is accessible. All you do is press the button and it will order that designated item and have it shipped out to you. That’s pretty much it. You do need to be an Amazon Prime member to utilize this feature though.


Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Point blank this “speaker” if you want to call it that does everything. It has 7 microphones built-in so it can basically hear your voice from everywhere and I’m not even talking about yelling at it. You can command it to play music from your various music apps, update your calendar, or sync with your home automation. Ask Alexa to turn on/off the lights or ask Alexa general things such as “What’s the weather?, Did the Knicks win today?, or give me the Wikipedia on Star Wars”. There are so many possibilities and Alexa keeps growing and growing. Check it out for $179.99

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