Jabra Pulse Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Heart Rate Monitor

Jabra SPORT Pulse Wireless (1)These wonderful creation from Jabra has put the fitness Bluetooth game on notice that the “The champ is here! *drum bang* The champ is here!” Along with the fitness tracking app installed from Jabra this allows me to motivate, keep track and let me know the next exercise I need to tackle while also alerting you how long your rest period will be throughout the set. No wires. No hassles. $199.99





LG_G4.idgeI’ve been a fan of LG phones from the beginning and the G series (and no not Gatorade) has never allow me to waiver from these fine specimens of mobile smart phones. The 4K video has brought the extra real when filming your favorite scenes. The HD voice makes the sweetest phone call even sweeter. You can never go wrong with 8 megapixel front and 16 megapixel rear camera engulfed with a fine leather case to embrace. Available on most carriers for $199.99


Casio XW-J1 DJ/VJ Controller

Casio XW-J1.1All I can start with is by saying that this is just a fun device. Not only can you remix, create your favorite songs, you can also recreate videos to engineer your own visual footage live by plugging via USB. You can easily use your iTunes library to manufacture the greatness. You can tweak video and audio with FX, Loop and transition controls. The jogwheels are a DJ’s (Or beginning DJ) best friend enabling you to scratch effortlessly. I totally love the Auto-Loop feature, which allows you continuously loop part of a remix or song. So just grab your playlist from on your Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad in your iTunes library and get to mixing and scratching. Smooth blends start at $349.99


Wicked Solus Over-ear Headphones

WickedAudioSolusWicked Audio has always to me been the feisty underdog that is only concerned with the quality of sound honestly out dueling the biggest names in the headphone game. I love the design and how extremely comfortable they are when I’m not one of the biggest over the ear headphones consumer. The audio is just like the name of the brand, Wicked. These are some great sounding headphones minus the mainstream prices. You actually get more than you pay for. The red and black design definitely pops! So pop a pair on your deprived ears for a super bang for your buck at $53.99




LG V10

LG V10 White VerizonLove this phone. The innovative front duel camera is beastly. The sound isolation on the video is just as rugged as the back cover of the device. It fits ever so comfortable in my hand and the features make the combo that all mobile phones dream of. LG to me has always been at the top of the camera and video game in the mobile smartphone arena. So best believe they haven’t slow down. Now check out your carriers. $249.99-$599.99


DSTLD [distilled] Raw Denim Skinny-Slim (formally Cigarette) Jeans

DSTL Jeans SalmonThese are definitely one of my favorite pair of jeans. DSTLD has created a most definite clean comfortable pair of straight leg jeans from DSTLD. These indigo raw denim jeans are of high quality comfortable stretch with an extraordinary contemporary fit. If you are into the classic style of jeans these are pleasantries you don’t want to deprive yourself of. So rock these with a tee shirt or a button up and keep it straight raw with this luxury grade denim under $100. How much under $100 you ask? $65





Active Collection’s Beats Tour 2 In-Ear Headphones

Beats Tour2 ActiveI’m not a big Beats fan but I would have to admit that the Active Collection’s Beats Tour 2 In-Ear Headphones are pleasant surprise of comfort and no hassle sound system. I am so wireless and Bluetooth listening device handler that Beats has a cool wire headphone product. So if you need to workout or just be active with some sounds, the Tour 2’s are on point. $129.99






IK Multimedia iRig Beat Pads

iRig PadsThis is most definitely a great buy for that inner music producer to emerge. These are totally user friendly and also pocket friendly for $149. Peep the review here IK Multimedia iRig Beat Pads.





IK Multimedia iRig Mic Lavalier

IK_Multimedia_iRig_Mic_Lav BoxFor that crisp broadcasting sound to flood your very own holiday video or television broadcast at an affordable price live on the scene, then the iRig Mic Lav is a no brainer. It’s a quick and portable mic that you can use with your iPad, iPod Touch and Android at $49.99 You can cop them from IK Multimedia.





Blast Motion Device

Blast Motion In Box

This is a perfect gift for that athlete to capture their progress and great for showing off to your friends just how dope you are. Keep track on almost everything such as height, distance, jump acceleration, etc. Although I was only able to use the Action Blast Motion device which was primarily for skateboarding and BMX but I used it while dancing and taking dance class (Hint: Blast Motion, your next device should be catered for the dancer. They’re athletes too. :)) Blast Motion has other sport specifics for your iPad, iPhone or Action Cam such as Golf, Basketball and Baseball. So if you’re that active type and you want to keep track of your highlights then cop Blast Motion for $149.99.