LG G Flex 2 CES 2015

Red LG G Flex 2

The two things I love most about attending CES is getting to see and getting hands-on with the tech to come for the year. The one phone that seemed to show the most promise was the LG Flex 2. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original Flex, because it felt awkward to me, and it was a tad too big for my personal taste. The 2nd generation proved to be a lot sleeker and much better to look at. The red option looked especially sexy and it was one of the most talked about phones earlier this year. The LG G Flex, on the Sprint network, is honestly the android device that I spent the most time with this year. Since the release of the LG G Flex 2, the company has come out with some newer and seemingly better devices that seemed to make the Flex 2 a distant memory. Even still, I get asked about the Flex series often and what I think about it. So, instead of doing a full review I’ll list the top 7 things I like about 2nd gen and why, if you’re a fan, you might want to still check it out:

Top 7 Things I Like About LG G Flex 2

  1. The curve (must like LG’s 4K TV’s) with 1920×1080 resolution makes for great multimedia viewing.
  2. Lightweight and not at all cheap looking. A feature most people look for when upgrading to a new device.
  3. It self-heals. So when it bounced around in my purse with my loose keys I had no issues. I found it hard to find an actual case for it, so this was helpful.
  4. Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor made it even snappier to use than some recently released smartphones.
  5. The 5.5” screen feels good in hand and has an even slimmer profile than the LG G3
  6. The platinum silver and the gorgeous volcano red colors have a great shine to them, but they are not slippery. It feels very secure in hand and I never had an issue with it slipping out of my hand or dropping it.
  7. The 13MP HD camera takes great pictures. A great camera is becoming a feature you can always expect from an LG device. The laser autofocus is very fast so I didn’t need to spend a lot of time trying to take a great shot.

LG G Flex 2 vs LG G Flex side by side

There are a couple of cons for the LG G Flex 2, one is that LG came out quite a few new smartphones since it released the Flex 2 which may have caused people to not really give it the attention it should have, it never really got a chance to be the featured LG device that some anticipated. Another is that the battery life seemed to drain fast at times, even more so than the always battery challenged iPhone. I took into account that we often get review units and those tend to have a few quirks, but overall if the curve is what you are into this is a great choice, especially if you are a fan of the LG G Flex.

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