In the world of fitness trackers, there are a lot of choices. Usually, once you choose one you are stuck with a certain style/design that may not look fashionable or stylish when you want to dress up or have a night on the town. Misfit announced their new partnership with BaubleBar for this exact reason. The new Helena Necklace and Helena Bracelet will be exclusively available at Target on November 29.

Misfit BaubleBar Helena

Both the Helena Necklace and Bracelet have a locket with an oval-link chain, giving the vintage-inspired accessory a modern look. The necklace is 32” long and the bracelet is 6”. When opening the lockets you will find the Misfit Flash fitness tracker, which monitors your activity levels, calories burned, distance traveled, steps, and sleep.

If you want to take it down a notch and not be so fancy the Flash tracker includes a sports bracelet and an activity clasp. So you can wear it pretty much anywhere like your waist, sleeve, bag, in your pocket or anywhere else you choose to put it. It is also water Flash is also water resistant to 30 meters.

misfit-baublebar 3

If fashionable statement pieces aren’t your thing, I’m sure they will make a great gift this holiday for someone in your life looking to stay in shape but can’t find a style that they like or has to take their tracker off when it’s time to go out. The Helena Necklace and the Helena Bracelet are both $69.99 and includes a Misfit Flash, Sport Band, and clip, which costs far less than most trackers on the market.

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