How many of you out there have amassed a collection of devices and have discovered that you’ve run out of space on your desk and run out of available plugs? If you’re like me, you have a couple phones you play with, a tablet or two, a portable gaming system, and other miscellaneous power hungry devices. How does one get around this? Easy. Get the Griffin PowerDock 5. The PowerDock 5 is a charging station that can store and charge up to 5 devices at a time in a small, space-saving package.

Does it look good?

The Griffin PowerDock 5 is an attractive slab of plastic. There isn’t too much to say about it as it’s a fairly simple design, but elegant in it’s minimalism. The base itself is no bigger than the size of an iPad mini, yet can hold up to 5 devices at a time. The base is black and white in color with frosted dividers. The bottom of hte PowerDock 5 is coated in thick rubber that will grip to any surface you place it on.

Since this is a charging station, the PowerDock 5 includes 5 USB 5V (2.1 amp) ports that can be used to charge any Apple device along with most Android and Kindle devices as well. Charging requirements vary per device so not all devices may work. To power these 5 ports, just plug in the required cable into a wall outlet and it will power all ports at once.

Depending on how far away your outlet is, you can neatly tuck away the excess cabling underneath the PowerDock 5.

Does it work?

powerdock_01It sure does. One plug powers this entire charge station meaning I just freed up 4 plugs on my surge protector. The PowerDock 5 basically functions as its own little power strip and all you need are the charge cables from your devices. No need for the little charging blocks too for each devices. It really does save you a ton of space using this thing.

What use to take up a ton of space on my nightstand now only takes up a fraction of that. Since the PowerDock 5 is about the size of an iPad mini, that about how much space I use up for charging my 3 phones, an iPad mini, and occasionally my PS Vita. If I have a spare port I’m not using, I also charge up my Fitbit Surge.

You will have to provide your own cables for the PowerDock 5, but I figure most of you have an excess of cables anyways. I know I do.

Should you buy this?

If you have more devices that need charging than you have desk space or nightstand space, you owe it to your self to pick up a charge station that can handle multiple devices such as the Griffin PowerDock 5. This thing saves a tremendous amount of space by stacking devices vertically plus you free up available plugs on your wall outlet or power strip by not having to plug individual charging blocks into them. Instead, you just plug your charge cables directly into the PowerDock 5 and it’ll handle all of your devices at the same time.

With that said, the Griffin PowerDock 5 is a must have accessory for multi-device owners. There is much to like about it, though there is one thing you may not like and that’s the price. At $99 MSRP, it is on the high end of the spectrum with its price point, but it’s a small price to pay to gain back some valuable free space.

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