One of my favorite media events during New York Comic Con isn’t actually at the venue at all but rather off site and nearby. That would be what I like to call Square Enix’s annual gaming event they hold during NYCC. I been the last three years in a row and it’s always a nice spot to check out some games coming out from the house of Square Enix and/or check out some updates or DLC for games already out from their roster. They had new episodes of Life is Strange, of course Xbox One exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider but also a couple other games…


We got to take a look at the next-gen version of Hitman as the last one to come out on consoles was Hitman: Absolution and then a couple of mobile games as well. Of course you take the role of Agent 47 and we get to see a couple of scenes of infiltration with the protagonist. We watched him go through a dinner party and do everything from knock enemies out and takeover their wardrobe to some pretty sick weapons to take out the opposition. It was pretty brutal and did peak some interest in playing the game when it finally arrives next Spring.

Release Date: 03/11/16

Just Cause 3

I have to say this game was more fun then I expected. We sat down with the developers and watched them play it for a moment then me and my fellow GStyler Mike Bitter got some hands-on with the game. Man you want to talk about fun? There seems to be so many different things to do in this game and we aren’t even talking about the main story line. You continue to take the role as Rico Rodriguez and returns home to Medici and finds it in rule by dictator General Di Ravello. I think this was the most fun I had in a while. It’s realistically a huge sandbox game with everything at your disposal. You have this tethering hook you can use to attach items or even people and enemies to ANYTHING! You want to latch them to a building, moving car, you name it. There is a wicked wingsuit you can have in the game as well. I think this will be a first day pickup for many and give hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Release Date: 12/1/15

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

A game I got to check out(via video) at E3 was Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It’s a sequel to 2011’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution and you return to the role of Adam Jensen. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided features a huge battle of humans vs. augmented humans and it combines RPG, 1st person shooting, and stealth. The game provides alternate ways of taking down your opponents with you going via stealth, guns blazing or a mix of both. The E3 demo I saw showed the same scenario with each different element but the one I caught recently gave you a combo of both. The game itself looks great and I been anticipating its release for some time now.

Release Date: 02/23/16

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