ReppingVerse I’ve been privileged to write about some of my favorite tech companies, played with their latest devices, been to their exclusive events for 10 years. As a gadget loving guy, this has been true bliss. It is like living a dream. Life experiences truly can shape the outcome on yourself and the world around you. Many of these experiences over the last 10 years have been truly momentous and they’re not over yet. If I told ten years younger Jason Anderson what was about to happen with the first click of that domain name, I’d probably wouldn’t believe him.

10 year of doing this and I love it. But 10 years younger Jason Anderson is no longer around. The 10 years later version (v10.0) is happy at what I’ve accomplished so far, but it’s time to accomplish more. So today I step down as Editor In Chief of G Style Magazine. This isn’t a bittersweet moment thought, it is an evolution of my role. A stepping up to focus more on the larger picture.

Many see G Style Magazine and think that is it for me. But I founded TechWeLike who is headed up by Ti-Sheba Jordan and WalkItNation which still needs to grow (it would help if I could get myself back into working out more lol). I also have another vertical in the lab that isn’t quite ready yet. All fall under my small digital media publishing house. Today I take a trip upstairs to focus on these properties. Something that can be a little difficult when my focus is on just the first. G Style Magazine is in a good place and ready for me to let loose the grip somewhat (not too much I’m still will be in the building regularly!) .

I’ve always been Publisher and Editor In Chief, today I will just be the Publisher (and Editor At Large). Don’t get it twisted I’ll still write. Cars, smart home tech and wearables is a current passion of mine. I just won’t get so involved in the day-to-day editorial duties. I’ll now focus on all the sites from an administrative side. Got some new tech you want me to check out, oh I’m still gonna look but depending on my bandwidth I may just route it to someone with better availability or who I think it would be a good fit for.

SamStormTrooper But this is the changing of the guard, so who will be stepping into that captain’s chair. His name is Samuel Huang. He came to G Style Magazine in 2009. An Apple products user among a sea of Android loving team members and holds his own. He is a family man (father to two lovely and adorable children) and he is someone I wish my posts were modeled after. He is a courageous man, I mean he would have to be to take on this role with me still very present in the building lol. But he is someone who I feel can lead this team and do so with style. G Style is full of rock stars , type A personalities and he has the chops to handle it.

So what next for G Style Magazine? I wouldn’t expect anything dramatic, but Sam may have his vision of what G Style Magazine is, and I’m going to try (seriously really try lol) to let him explore it. As for me, you’ll still see me at the events, with posts on the site, but when you see me I may have a different set of topics I will want to talk to you about instead of just the latest gadget you may have to show :)

Jason Anderson
Publisher / Editor At Large

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