As I sit here, 46 minutes into the 10th year of operation for G Style Magazine, I stare and type reflectively. Today G Style Magazine celebrate 10 years of operation in this space. 10 years of reviewing the coolest, most trendy, most stylish, most fashionable tech out there. And doing so with pure heart and passion for consumer electronics. I’m proud of the fact that after 10 years doing this, we are the same low-key gadgets loving folks we have always been. We truly embody the type of person each one of you have in your life. That guy or girl who loves gadgets, and the ones you come to when you wanted a recommendation on a new phone/tablet/laptop/headphones/etc. This is who we are, and this is what G Style Magazine is about.

Sony-PS3 But seriously how do you sum up 10 years in this gadget review/news bringing world! I guess we can start by looking back. While I don’t have the first post every to be published by G Style Magazine (we was on a totally different platform back then, pure HTML based), the very first post ever published using WordPress as our platform was titled “Is the Sony PS3 Worth it at $399.99?“. Written by myself on October 3, 2007, only 8 years ago and so much has changed. Back then I said who pays $600 dollars for a gaming console, and today we pay that for a smartphone. Back then we was in the middle of the format wars between Blu Ray and HD-DVD. I had a nice collection going for HD-DVD too (man hindsight is a b**** lol). Back then at $399, the Sony PS3 was the cheapest Blu Ray player on the block; today you can pick one up from Best Buy on sale for $59.99! Back then we was talking about Visual Voicemail on a Blackberry and Vizio had just completed a year in since they came to the US. Vizio now is a household name, and really a name all over my household (every TV in my house is made by Vizio!). Hell even T-Mobile back then was just awaiting the launch of the Sidekick LX…the Sidekick people! Man what can happen in 8 years in tech.

From Team of One To Full Staff

G Style Magazine has had various people work on it during the first few years of operation, but by time we got to WordPress, I was the main person writing all the reviews. It wasn’t even until 2009 when I started adding to the author ranks. Many of who are still with G Style to this day, with two of them serving as Managing Editors with G Style Magazine and one of them also serving as Editor In Chief at our sister site TechWeLike. As time as gone on we have added people and lost some, but the love is always there. We are a close-knit team, and sometimes we argue like any family would lol. Through it all I stand by my team and trust them with the mission of G Style, each one represents the brand and I’m so appreciative of them!

So What’s Next?

We’re going to keep doing what we do baby! Technology is an ever evolving entity, and we will continue to be on the front lines letting you know which tech not only works well, but looks good while doing also! Just recently there have been some new Google, Apple, and upcoming Microsoft hardware coming. We’ll be there to take a look at and let you guys know what we think. We also have some internal changes coming and as I’ve done this for 10 years now, I’m personally in a different place than I was year one. Keep a look out for some shake ups and some things happening. We’re going to experiment with different things, see how they work out. We like to tinker around here, so we’ll keep evolving with the tech.


But let’s not forget this is our birthday! And we like to celebrate by giving presents instead of getting them. We like to give something to you guys, who read our site, check out our articles and support us. You’ve been on this ride with us as well, some of you just found us and some have been around since the beginning. We like to thank you for the support and the continued return visits. Many sites last a year or two let alone 10 years, but you guys keep us going and with you we’ll continue the journey! So stay tuned for the giveaways posts coming soon and let’s keep this ride going!

Jason Anderson
Publisher/Editor In Chief

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