Waya_Monty_RockWe talk a lot about tech and gadgets here but rarely do we ever bring up footwear technology. It’s funny because we’ve done lifestyle posts and reviews on gadgets that help keep you fit and active but we often forget that for most of these activities, you need some really good shoes to keep you going through it all. And like some of our gadgets, you wouldn’t apply a “1-size fits all” approach to footwear because some activities demand specialized shoes. If you’re the outdoor adventuresome-type, you’d probably rock some sort of hiking boot or shoe and preferably one that is not only durable, but also comfortable and hopefully stylish.

Take for instance the new Monty Lo and Monty Hi by Ridgemont Outfitters. The Monty has been created with rugged durability and urban aesthetic that has been resurrected from the hikers of the 70’s and 80’s. The new style satisfies the needs of those who want a footwear option that combines the essential technical qualities found in a hiking shoe, yet is still visually appealing to wear for off trail adventures.

montylow-group-woodchips_LRShoes should function well, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be good looking and the new Monty by Ridgemont Outfitters is certainly that. These are shoes that look as good in the city as they would up in the hill of Montana.

“The underlying premise with Ridgemont is to create footwear capable of handling tough conditions that you can also wear out later, without looking like you’re preparing to summit Denali. Our product gets you through the day, whether that means a weekend surf check, a strenuous hike, or your daily commute to your local breakfast spot,” states Stacy Lowery, founder. “We don’t want to replace your hard-core hiking boots. We just want you to wear our shoes instead of sneakers when you go camping or on a light hike so you’ll quit falling on your ass.”

The Monty is available now at Ridgemont Outfitters in either lo or hi configuration. Prices range from $99.00 and $95.00 respectively. Each version comes in several different colors from flashy to mild.


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