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First off, if it wasn’t for the surprise success that Guardians of the Galaxy became last year I don’t think we would even be talking about seeing a Ant-Man movie or some of the other movies that are coming down the pipeline. Ant-Man is another Marvel character while being a part of the Avengers maybe one of the least talked about as far as the older players are concerned such as Iron Man, Captain America and the list goes on. Trying to translate the character to the big screen meant Marvel had to create a hero that was relatable and make you feel the reasons why he does what he does.

Ant-Man is the last movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) which is currently in Phase 2. After this flick the next one we get is Captain America: Civil War which already looks like it be of epic proportions and in my option better than Avengers: Age of Ultron and sets up Phase 3.


The story is based around Scott Lang(Paul Rudd) who has just gotten out of prison and desperately wants to just see his daughter. Problem is he’s a ex-con and can’t keep a job to save his life. He has a crew of associates Luis(Michael Pena), Dave(T.I.), and Gale(Wood Harris) that come to him about an idea of doing “One More Heist” and hopefully will secure him with some money to help pay child support. This heist takes place at Hank Pym(Michael Douglas) house and in turn is a setup for Scott Lang which steals the Ant-Man suit. Premise is similar to the original storyline in the comics but has been alternated a bit. Hank sets up Scott so he can don the suit and become the new Ant-Man. This is for he can steal the Yellow Jacket suit which has been created by the antagonist of the film Darren Cross(Corey Stoll).

Ant-Man Heist Crew

Scott is reluctant to do so but some persuasion by Hank and his daughter Hope Van Dyke(Evangeline Lilly). They train him how to use the suit, get used to his surroundings and take control of ants. Yeah I know the taking of ants sounds silly but when it’s explained in the film it sounds like something out of National Geographic with the different types and their attributes.

“Ant-Man” has a lighthearted feel like Guardians of the Galaxy where it’s not too serious or dark and probably has more laughs than any Marvel film I seen to date. Most of those laughs are coming from Michael Pena or Paul Rudd and I can see why they were cast for their roles in the film. Corey Stoll plays a nice villain as he won’t let anything stand in his way of success with the Yellow Jacket program even to the point of donning the suit himself.


Dolby Atmos

Ant-Man (2)

I actually seen Ant-Man two times, once in Dolby Atmos and the other in 3D without it. Dolby Atmos worked with Marvel on this film and the sound effects definitely help bring you into the big world of Ant-Man. In Dolby Atmos you hear more of the atmosphere when Ant-Man shrinks to small size. Whether it’s the water running from the faucet or the buzzing and moving of ants all around it. When I saw it after in regular 3D I didn’t hear as much and didn’t feel in the Ant-Man world like before.



Ant-Man is a fun movie to watch as its something different from the rest of the Marvel superhero movies we seen thus far and its a light affair. Action isn’t as heart pounding as other movies such most of the damage is done while in small size. Dolby Atmos is the best way to watch the film and get a full effect of the sounds in the movie. You can tell its more of a filler film and just used to tie-in for the next one on the table Captain America: Civil War.


If you want to experience Dolby Atmos or learn more about it click the link here

Ant-Man is available now in Dolby Atmos and other theater formats.

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