Tink is one name I don’t hear a lot about, but is someone I expect things from. As I heard more and more from here, the greater I have become impressed by her. She has a great sound and is equally skill in singing and rapping. Many of her visuals incorporate looks form videos of yesteryear’s feel, which is a welcome switch up.

This time around Tink uses a song that many might call a risk. This is a song by an artist beloved by many, including myself and the song was definitely one of those major hits. Using Aaliyah One In A Million song could have gone south for this new artist, but Tink can rest easy though as she both does the song justice and pushes the use of it forward. This is a song I have on my Replay playlist and I listen to it often. What do you think? Did she do this song justice or should she have left it alone?

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