Always heading into the summer you have two things to look forward to. Father Day’s which is usually the third week of June and then Graduation for students that can take place as early as May and even go late into August. Its a great time to show those we care about some love via gifts as they may deserve it in whichever capacity. Below are some gift ideas that should be able to fit any Dad or Grad you have in mind.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Dads and Grads Tech Gift Guide (5)

Dubbed one of the greatest smartphones in 2015, who wouldn’t love the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as a gift? It has one of the faster processors around, a gorgeous 5.1” QHD display, takes awesome pictures with its 16MP shooter on the back and if you want to gather up some selfies with the family there is 5MP on the front. Its metal and glass combo makes it an elegant looking smartphone and its fingerprint scanner is great for those that try to pry. If pricing is too much you can always opt for the Samsung Galaxy S6 which is about $100 cheaper.
Price: Starting at $299.99 with 2yr contract, Samsung Galaxy S6 starts at $199.99 with 2yr contract


Dads and Grads Tech Gift Guide


If your dad or grad is a camera enthusiast, then the LG G4 may be all the smartphone they need. It’s a 16MP camera with OIS, color sensor and great laser auto focus. Also let’s not forget the whopping 8MP on the front. It has everything you want in a mobile camera and then some. Besides that is sweet looking 5.5” QHD display, removable 3,000mAh battery and can hold additional memory card storage up to 2TB. Back plates can be swapped out for leather ones or other designs depending on your tastes.
Price: Starting at $199.99 with 2-yr contract

Sol Republic Relay Sport

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As a fan of the original Relay in-ear headphones, the Relay Sport takes it up a step. They are water and sweat resistance for those long intense workouts and best of all don’t fall out your ears. I have run around with them, moved my neck back and forth and they stay in place. That’s big for those that problems keeping in earbuds. Best of all they have a great sound profile for music and there is an inline mic for phone conversations. They come in various colors for that favorite dad or grad in your life.

Price: $49.99

Samsung Gear Circle Wireless Earbuds

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Like Samsung’s other sophisticated products, the Gear Circle wireless earbuds want to make your life easier. They are light and wrap around your neck and can clip together so you don’t lose them. It has touch sensors so there is no clicking buttons and you can do anything from volume controls to voice commands, make a call, or even send a text message.
Price: $99.99

Surface 3

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If you need a gadget that does both and is great on the go then the Surface 3 is a perfect fit. It has a silver magnesium alloy build and is one of the lightest Surface products yet. It runs full Windows 8 and will is ready for Windows 10. Its 10.8 LCD looks colorful and you can decide to either use it for business or pleasure or a little bit of both. For additional use there is options for a stylus or keyboard you can use with the Surface 3 as well.
Price: $499.99

JBL Charge 2+

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Its summer time and you be surprised how much water you are around and how much charging you will do of devices. JBL has you covered with the Charge 2+. Dad can be out in the back BBQing jamming to tunes and also keeping his phone charged with the 6,000mAh battery that connects via USB port for battery saving options. Grads can have it near the pool and not worry about some water getting on it as its splashproof while you and your three friends take turns via its social mode.

Price: $149.99

Huawei TalkBand B2

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If you dad is the type to always have a Bluetooth earpiece in his ear then the TalkBand B2 might be up his alley. It has a 0.73 PMOLED Touch Screen and can show you everything from calories burned, how many steps you taken and even if you have gotten enough sleep. It is accompanied by Huawei’s Talkband App and can also be synced with Jawbone’s UP. If you need a call you can pop the earpiece out the hostler and put it right back in when done.
Price: $179.99

Seagate Seven

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Need a ton of space, portability and toughness than the Seagate Seven will fit the needs. It’s only 7mm thick and is made out of stainless steel. Comes with a tough braided USB 3.0 cable and transfer about 2.5GBs in one minute. Its industrial design is great for those on the go or those that just want something that looks nice.
Price: $99.99

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