There are a lot of you out there who don’t like using cases for your iPhone 6/6+ and that’s understandable. Cases add bulk to your svelte devices and sometimes drastically diminish the look of them. The more they protect, the uglier they look it seems so most of you out there just can’t deal with that. Again, understandable. What if I told you that there was a “kit” out there that would somewhat partially protect your iPhone 6/6+ while still keeping its good looks and thin profile? That’s exactly what the new AirMask Colors is for your iPhone 6/6+. It is being marked as a all-in-one ‘Instant Makeover Kit’ that adds a huge splash of color and scratch resistance while adding almost no bulk to your device.

airmask_02The AirMask Color is not a protective case in the traditional sense. This is a two piece kit that is adhered to the front and back of your iPhone 6/6+. It is only 0.3mm thick and weighs just 10 grams adding virtually zero bulk. That means the AirMask Color is the lightest and thinnest “case” I’ve ever seen. I put “case” in quotes because it’s being marked as an “Instant Makeover Kit” as a means of adding color to your other wise boring color pallet.

It’s very easy install and has adhesive on the inside. You just peel back the adhesive and line up both parts of the AirMask Color with your iPhone 6/6+. It should be easy to align as both pieces are molded to fit the contours of your device. What’s neat about the AirMask Color is that it has an integrated screen protector that just sits on top of your screen that will not bubble because there isn’t any adhesive under it.

For the most part, the two pieces of the kit line up quite nicely, as long as you are careful about it with no visible gaps. This is quite a simple way to add color to your iPhone 6/6+ without sacrificing style and useability.



  • AirMask Colors is not actually a case but is a new category of products called an: “Instant Makeover Kit”
  • Offers a way for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users to personalize their phone by adding one of these instant makeover kits available in 10 different colors.
  • Provides 360 degree scratch protection from daily use in a brand new form factor that takes only about 10 seconds to put on
  • Incredibly easy to install; Combines screen protector that is not subject to bubbles or misalignment with a candy shell to cover the back of the phone.

You’re not going to get full blown protection like you would from a real case with the AirMask Color. It does a great job of protecting your phone from things like keys rubbing up against your phone or little bits of dust or dirt that could cause micro scratches. Instead what you get here is very good scratch protection and zero shock protection from actual drops. If you drop your phone, it’s basically like not having any protection at all and you can still dent your phone or cause other damages, just not scratches.

orange_03 orange_04 orange_02

Though you get no drop protection, you still get more protection here than you would not having a case at all, which comes down to why you would buy this. The AirMAsk Color is mainly for those who don’t want to use cases, but still want a way of customizing the look of their iPhone 6/6+ without any needed bulk and while still retaining the look of their phone.

Overall, the AirMask Color is an interesting product. It’s in a category I think that is usually reserved for skins, but this is a far more elegant and easier solution to apply. There’s no need to deal with messy applications or fear of misalignment as the AirMask Color makes everything fairly fool proof. Again, this isn’t a case in the traditional sense at all, but it is a rather neat way of adding some style to your iPhone 6/6+ while still retaining its original lines and profile.

The AirMask Color is available in five different colors – snow, obsidian, fireball, mican, and sapphire. The iPhone 6 version is $25.99 while the iPhone 6+ version is $29.99. Buy multiple and you can mix and match colors for your own personal tastes.

orange_01 snow_01 blue_01

red_01 black_01

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