Last night Vizio unveiled its 2015 line up of Smart TV with refreshes to its E-Series and M-Series, while also showing off its Reference Series Smart TVs. This was all show off in a very art gala like setting in Manhattan’s lower west side. Guest were invited to come and look at the quality Vizio brings to Smart TV up close and get their take on it. Also on display was their companion sound bar systems that compliment their TVs as well.

E-Series With the E-Series, Vizio show off unbeatable picture at an incredible value, an easy to use Smart TV with WiFi in every class size, and a new modern base design for premium styling in the entry-level segment. That last point is especially great as the E-Series is typically known to show up in places like Wal-Mart, but this lower price doesn’t you must have less styling ques. You can pick up a E-Series Smart TV and still get a premium look from it. The E-Series starts out at 24 inches for $179 and tops out at 70 inches at $1399. All Smart TVs in this collection are Full Array LED Smart TVs with built-in WiFi.

Vizio also showed off it’s Reference Series 65 inch and 120 inch Ultra HD Full Array LED Smart TVs. Both sport True HDR (Dolby Vision), Ultra Color Spectrum, Full-Array LED back-light with Active LED Zones x384, and Ultra HD resolution with Spatial Scaling Engine. The 65 inch mode also included an integrated 5.1 sound bar system. “The 2015 Reference Series was designed for the cinephile, pushing the boundaries of brightness, color and contrast and featuring an integrated home theater system to perfectly round out the consumer experience.” Not while no pricing or availability information was available, it was mentioned that those interested could sign up to receive email updates on the product and browse more information at

M-Series Now the real star of the showcase was the 2015 M-Series line-up! The 2015 M-Series packs in 4K Ultra HD. And not only did it do this, but it is doing it with a lower price than before. This is truly making picking up a 4K Smart TV an affordable option! The 2015 M-Series line will start with 43 inches for $599.99 (yes $599.99 for a 4K Ultra HDTV!) and peaks at 80 inches for $3999. All M-Series TVs are beautifully redesigned with new, modern stand, premium metallic finish and ultra-narrow bezel. Truly the star of this showcase packing in 4K Ultra HD into a chic design, and for a point that is very affordable!

Vizio never disappoints when it comes to their TV. Great looking, great quality, and an affordable price will always be the winning combination! You can find both the new line-up in the E-Series and M-Series rolling out now to retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, BJ’s Wholesale, Costco Wholesale, Sam’s Club, Target, and Wal-Mart.

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