With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 looming around the corner, of course you will be looking for the best cases to cover your latest device. That is unless you want to go naked with it. But if you have butterfingers or just want to protect from those “oops” moments here is a variety of cases that should keep the lifespan of your new Galaxy S6 going.

Incipio DualPro Detail


Incipio Samsung Galaxy S6 case

If you are seeking a bit of style with your protection the S6 look no further than the DualPro Detail. It provides dual layer protection with a dLast rubber inner core while a Plextonium outer shell lies on top of that. The design is done via a laser cut pattern to have it still looking cool and stay strong.
Price $34.99

Urban Armor Gear Case

UAG Samsung Galaxy S6
This dual layered case provides maximum protection with its hard outer shell and softer core. There is access to all your ports, has bumpers on the top and bottom for shock protection and even includes a HD screen protector. It comes in a variety of colors to satisfy your eye for style if needed.
Price $34.95

Speck MightyShell + FACEPLATE

Speck Samsung Galaxy S6 case

While you might not be the type to drop devices what if something drops on your precious Galaxy S6? The MightyShell+FACEPLATE combo has multiple layers of protection for your smartphone to keep it from damage. It has TrueTap technology with the protection layer bonding with the screen so you still get that natural touch. Besides that the MightyShell portion has a rubberized bumper for impact and a raised bezel for screen protection.
Price $59.99

OtterBox Symmetry Series

Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S6 case

We all know OtterBox cases will protect your phone like no other but that added bulk is sometimes unnecessary. Their Symmetry cases lighten the weight a bit and still have some of that signature protection you love from Otterbox. Its two-tone coloring fits your style and the case that can take some tosses and drops all around.
Price $39.95

Samsung Clear View Cover Case

Samsung Galaxy S6 case
Samsung’s latest view cover offering takes protection to another level. As older view covers have given you a square to display the time or some notifications, the Clear View Cover adds protection to your whole screen and lets you access all your usual notifications, battery life and time while never opening it. It can also double as a mirror as well so you don’t have to turn that selfie camera on anymore.
Price $55.49

Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen Samsung Galaxy S6 case
The Slim Armor case by Spigen is a nice fit for the Galaxy S6 with its dual layer protection. A TPU rubber interior and hard polycarbonate exterior wrap around your Galaxy S6 while its top and bottom provide bumpers to take advantage of their Air Cushion Technology. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy you can flip out the kickstand and enjoy wanting some flicks on the gorgeous S6 screen.

Price $29.99

mophie Juice Pack

Mophie Samsung Galaxy S6 juice pack

If you aren’t familiar with the Galaxy S6, you might know the battery will be non-removable. While this may bother some, Mophie looks to remedy the issue with their Juice Pack coming out for the Samsung Galaxy S6. It will provide more than 100% battery life and utilizes their Impact Isolation System saving your phone from the occasional drop. Best of Mophie is apart of Samsung’s SMAPP program meaning they been working closely with Samsung. Release is set the same day as the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Price $99.95

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