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IK Multimedia’s motto, Musician’s First, is something they use very literally. They make some of the best apps and hardware for music creation on the market. The iRig Pads is a full-featured ultra-portable 16-pad MIDI groove controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as Mac and PC. It is a great creation for that producer who’s stationary or on the move. Just connect the iRig Pads to that laptop, tablet or mobile phone and you’re on your way to “DJ Mustard on the beat.”


I’m from Brooklyn and a Brooklyn Nets fan so the look of the iRig Pads in basic black and white. It gives me that feeling of I’m all about working to get the job done dropping dope beats. Once you configure your Pads it then lights up like a Christmas tree. The iRig Pads is super lightweight and a tad bit smaller than the iPad. So whether you drop the iPad and iRig Pads in your backpack to create music on the go it is very convenient in that aspect. The colorful 16 velocity-sensitive rubber pads have a couple of different functions so that you can perform other commands. They are easy, smooth and give a very responsive reaction.

Specs & Features

There aren’t any 30-pin cables supplied like the older versions but if you must have one it can easily be ordered. iRig Pads comes with a lightning cable for the recent iOS devices and a USB cable to connect to a PC or Mac. There are not any drivers to download making it ready to go right out of the box. Batteries? “We don’t need no stinkin’ batteries!” You just plug in the iRig Pads to your Mac or PC, tablet or mobile phone via the lightning cord or USB cable and go. There is no need for batteries or a power adaptor because it designed for low-consumption and powers through the connection of the device.

iRig Pads is compatible with almost any music software or app such as Logic Pro, Garageband, Reason and any IK Multimedia software including SampleTank DJ Rig, AmpliTube and GrooveMaker 2. I must admit I was surprised it worked with the Akai MPC app so extra kudos to IK Multimedia. IK doesn’t stop there; once you register the product it unlocks 50 additional instruments along with The Grid in an upcoming update. You can set up your own maps on any of the 16 user-programmable MIDI. Another cool aspect of the iRig Pad is that you’re not restricted to regular instruments on each pad. You are permitted to store loops, The Pads also includes input for a sustained pedal for a more in depth performance.

Final Thoughts

IK Multimedia and the iRig Pads, the iRig line, as a whole is a phenomenal line created just for the creative artist and musician. This is a beautiful beat pad comfortable to the touch and screams a multitude of range. The producer on the go should be very excited about the iRig Pads because I sure am. This is the epitome of big things come in small packages. The Pads are a beatmaker’s dream. Almost any software flows effortlessly through those 16 pads that harness creation of dope drum kicks and snares. Owning one of these kicks your laptop, mobile phone or tablet to the next level. IK Multimedia has always thought about the consumer who creates just for the love of it. This is why they make their products. For everything the iRig Pads offer they are extremely affordable with a price tag of only $149.00. You can purchase them directly from IK Multimedia or any other website that sells musical instruments including the Apple Store. So if you’re about them beats, you need to cop these no doubt! Here, take a gander:

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