This weekend Sony will be showing off the best of what’s to be expected for the new year and boy did they impress. We got a taste of some of the games to expect from what is arguably the best gaming console on the market (sorry Xbox ONE fans). If you weren’t fortunate enough to be in Vegas this weekend not to worry. We took what was the best stuff from the show in our opinion and you can take a look at it below. You can also check out the keynote live at blog.us.playstation.com Since it’s all day event for both days (Dec 6th & 7th) you may not want to watch the entire two days worth so we also have the panel guide here so you can check out only what you want. Get it here. Enjoy and prepare to be impressed

Final Fantasy VII

If you have never played an RPG let this one be the one you play as your introduction into the RPG world. There is no better Final Fantasy game (At least in my opinion). I remember the original Final Fantasy on the NES how I was blown away and I never stopped playing not just FF but the genre as a whole. Once FF7 came out for the original ps1 I was hooked. This is the one game that I have been waiting for years for Square Enix to remaster and while they didn’t do that here we get basically the PC and Steam for the PS4. Why Sony didn’t just remaster this is beyond me, nonetheless it’s still a must have if you’re an RPG and FF fan.

Uncharted 4

Drake is back and we’re waiting. While Uncharted 4 is not new in terms of knowing about it, we didn’t get to get to see any actual gameplay. We saw the trailer and it was incredible and now there’s 15 minutes of gameplay footage and it’s incredible. This game shows off the raw power of the PS4. Check it out and enjoy

Street Fighter V

This is the quintessential 2D fighter. The standard bearer. All modern fighting games have been born from this game. From Street Fighter to Street Fighter 2, 3, 4 and now 5 you know what to expect. Plenty of fights to be had, Shoryukens, Hadoukens, Sonic Booms, kicks, punches etc. This is THE fighting game to have and it’s exclusive to PS4 and PC…check out the gameplay

Super Time Force Ultra

This is an old school style 8-bit side scrolling shooter. My type of game. This game is a throwback to the 80’s and early gaming and it’s great. It even includes the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida as the main character of this great game and it has tons of action, weapons and most importantly fun. Check it out

Batman-Arkham Knight

Although the new next gen Batman titled Arkham Knight is not necessarily a new thing, Sony did show off some gameplay with a trailer at the PSE keynote. This is gameplay from the Exclusive Nightmare Pack and the Ace Chemicals infiltration from the Scarecrow Nightmare Missions. The action looks great and graphics and gameplay are top notch on the PS4. Check it out

Destiny-The Dark Below Expansion Pack

Although Destiny is not a new game, fans of the game have been clamoring for some new content. On Tuesday Dec 9th fans will be be able to play the exclusive expansion packs The Dark Below and The House of Wolves. You can expect all new strikes, raids, guns, armor and crucibles that gives this game so much more replay value. Check out some of the gameplay that you may be familiar with below

Notables and Upcoming Panels

There were some other notable games that I saw but as I said we picked a few of the ones we thought were going to make the most noise in terms of release or anticipation. The other games that we didn’t show trailers for but are worth mentioning are below along with the panels pertaining to certain games that have yet to be seen. Make a schedule and plan to watch it live and see some really great games and accessories that Sony has coming down the pike

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End First Gameplay
MLB 15 The Show Out 3/31 for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita
Destiny Expansion I: First Look at the PS-Exclusive Mars Strike – The Undying Mind
Tripwire Interactive bringing Killing Floor 2 to PS4 – The Time is Right!
The Forest: Open-World Survival Horror Comes to PlayStation
Madness Awaits You…In the Darkest Dungeon
Bastion Coming to PS4, Vita Next Year
Orcs Must Die! is Invading PlayStation for the First Time!
Skytorn Coming to PS4
Severed Coming to Vita in Spring 2015
Shovel Knight Digs into PS4, PS3, PS Vita in 2015
Batman Arkham Knight: Ace Chemicals Infiltration Part 3 and a First Look at the Scarecrow Nightmare Missions
Suikoden II Coming to PSN
Street Fighter V: Console Exclusive to PS4, First Gameplay Video
Super Time Force Ultra Headed to PS4,Vita
Tim Schafer on Why You Need to Check Out Grim Fandango on PS4 & PS Vita
Fat Princess Adventures announced for PS4
Introducing Wattam, the new PS4 game from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi
Enter the Gungeon Coming to PS4 in 2015
Introducing What Remains of Edith Fitch, a New PS4 Exclusive
The Order: 1886 at PlayStation Experience
Tearaway Unfolded: New Trailer Revealed
Yakuza 5 Announced at PlayStation Experience
New No Man’s Sky Videos Revealed
Drawn to Death, a Hand-Drawn Arena Shooter, Coming to PS4
Introducing Project SkyLight: Limited Edition Faceplates to Personalize Your PS4

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