Spoiler-Free Review of:
The November Man, 27 August
Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller
Run Time: 108 minutes

Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey, Olga Kurylenko, Lazar Ristovski
Director: Roger Donaldson

Geek facts:

– The November Man is based on the Seventh novel of the series, There Are No Spies written by Bill Granger, published in 1987.
– Actors Pierce Brosnan and Olga Kurylenko are also no strangers to spy films.  Brosnan, in fact, was first introduced to the American public as detective/spy Remington Steele (1982–1987); while Kurylenko made her American film debut with the film, Hitman (2007), based on the popular video game of the same name.
– Both actors are also James Bond film alumni, Pierce Brosnan, of course, was James Bond from 1995-2003. Olga Kurylenko appeared in Quantum of Solace with latest Bond, Daniel Craig, in 2008
– Director Roger Donaldson is no stranger to spy/thriller films he’s also directed, The Recruit (2003).

Back to the Spoiler-Free Review:

Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan) is a retired ex-CIA operative, who is brought back for a very personal mission.  An assassin is murdering his former agents and the only clue is it’s related to a situation in Russia.  Devereaux is asked to extract a former colleague, undercover agent acting as assistant to the Russian Presidential Candidate, Arkady Fedorov (Lazar Ristovski) in Moscow.  It was discovered Fedorov’s greatest secret, a girl named Mira is the sole witness to the horrific events that led him to great power.  When Fedorov catches wind that he’s about to be exposed, a chain reaction of events unfolds.  He knows the information can ruin his Presidential aspirations, or at the very least, in the wrong hands be used to control him.  With Fedorov’s counter-measures deployed, the CIA is forced to change their plan and with that, pins Devereaux against the CIA and his former protégé David Mason (Luke Bracey), with no one to trust.  Determined to find the root of it all, Devereaux, Mason and assassin Alexa (Amila Terzimehic) look towards a social worker named Alice (Olga Kurylenko), the only link to finding Mira.

November Man is not as fast-paced as your typical spy-thriller, but at the same time it feels grounded compared to the rest as well. Luke Bracey’s performance as protégé Mason, plateaus and comes off dead pan and bland.  Even less can be said for Olga Kurylenko’s Alice, she is almost carbon copy of her role in Hitman (2007); a damsel in distress being pulled in different directions.  The only breath of fresh air here is Brosnan, he is perfectly cast.  His Devereaux (like himself) is an older, more mature agent and somehow more fresh and dynamic.  Like most spy-thrillers, the film is fast paced, loaded with action and suspense, but this film is no Bourne or Bond and it’s not meant to be.  I did enjoy the film despite it being almost predictable in nature. It’s just unfortunate the film couldn’t elevate higher than Brosnan’s performance.

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