Normally I review each car one on one, but since this year I’ve taken for a spin quite a few from the Ford line up, I decided to do this combo post with some highlights from their line up this year. Ford definitely has a diverse set of vehicles to meet your needs and depending on what you are looking for, Ford should have something you’ll want to try out. For this highlight the cars I took a spin in was the Ford Focus ST, Fusion Hybrid, Escape, Fusion Energi, and Fiesta. Each of these cars have a distinct feel and personality, so below I’ve given my thoughts and some info on each one. Let’s drive…I mean dive in!

Focus ST

Ford Focus ST Figured I’d start with the one I had the most fun in. The Ford Focus ST has definitely gotten a makeover for the better. Models from earlier years were just not attractive to me. But the 2014 ST model definitely has it going on. Others around me noticed this as well. During my time with the ST, many people asked me about it and remark how cool it looked, and I agree with them. The Focus ST is sporty, has a great tuner car look and feel. I love the view from the front, side, and back of it. The integrated roof spoiler, wraparound tail-lamps, and rear bumper and lower fascia enhance the sporty feel it has. It is definitely something I could see myself driving around in.

The Focus ST MSRP starts off at $23,625 and seems only available as a manual transmission car. So make sure you are comfortable driving stick shift before you step in this one. If you have, it is fast and fun to drive. And like all the cars in Ford’s line up, with the right package you’ll be syncing up your phone for music and calls in no time. As well as quite a few other options if you build your own from their site.

Fiesta Titanium Edition

Ford Fiesta Titanium The Fiesta is another small compact in Ford’s lineup and the one we used was the Titanium edition. This provided a few more features than the regular model but the experience wouldn’t have been much different. When the Fiesta was first introduced, it was a model I was very curious about. I like small cars since I like the idea of dipping around in one. However when using the Fiesta, while I was able to dip around, I wasn’t feeling the vibe as much. The Fiesta is best represented to me by its hatchback model. The Sedan version comes off awkward and odd. It does look nice from the front, giving it an interesting start but from the side feels no different from any ole sedan. It looks any distinctive look once you start moving along the side to the back.

The Fiesta Titanium will most likely start you out about $17,000. But I definitely suggest checking out that 2015 Fiesta ST model

Escape Titanium

Ford Escape Titanium I liked the Ford Escape! I always have more of a preference for the Ford Edge, but the Escape definitely was a nice car to drive. The Escape is stylish, has the tech goodies on the inside and was easy on the gas expense. All main points you might want to tick off, the Escape had you covered. We use the Titanium model so we had access to features like HD Radio, Hands-free liftgate, Sync with MyFord Touch, and the Titanium Technology Package which included items like active park assist and forward sensing system. The Escape is definitely one to check out. It looks good and was a pleasure to drive.

The Titanium edition will start you out at about $29,000 and is the way I would go if I was picking this one up!

Fusion Energi

Ford Fusion Energi The Fusion Energi is definitely a car you want if you travel on vacation but prefer to drive than rather flight or other means. I had the pleasure of taking this one down on a family vacation to Orlando, FL and it definitely made the trip comfortable and affordable. We took this down the east coast and not only was this great on gas, but it was truly comfortable during the trip. This says a lot, since after a few hours on the road being comfortable is something precious when you are in a small space for a while. I was able to use AC, play music, and get a little speed under the wheels. All while saving money on gas. A flight to Florida would have roughly been about $900 dollars round trip. Driving to Florida and back was roughly under $200.00 total. Fusion Energi I salute you!

You will pay a little more as most hybrids and alternative cars cost a little more. The Fusion Energi could start you around $36,000. But again if you travel a lot and want to save money in the long haul, this could be your path to it!

Wrap Up

Ford is one of those brands that seems to have a car for each type or person or need. Some more exciting than others, but overall their 2014 line up just may be a great choice for what you are looking for!