Knomo Knomad Mini Front

If anyone knows me I’m such a minimalist. I like to have a ton of gadgets on me but I like everything to be discreet and small as possible. Being in the industry we sometimes will carry multiple devices for all different purposes. These can range from testing, comparisons or we just plain old love our toys. One problem you may encounter is the safety of these devices and making sure everything is well and kept in good condition. We got a chance to link up with Knomo with has been a company on the rise for the past ten years and wants to give you quality and great looking accessories. These range from bags for women and even organizers which I have here. The Knomo Knomad Mini is designed to organize your mobile lifestyle and make things easier. Is the Knomad Mini up for such a messy task?


Knomo Knomad MiniFirst off if you like quality in your accessories, the Knomad Mini has that look and feel to it down pact. It was created out of lightly coated cotton canvas twill fabric, which is combined with antique brass hardware and natural raw-edge leather trim. It feels great in the hand and has a nice leather grip on the bottom for our hand. When you open it up there is compartments and slots galore. There is a large compartment to hit a 8″ tablet and in front of that is three smaller slots. You can use that for smartphones and slim battery packs. In the middle is a slot for a trusty pen and if you get over to the other side there is more options. Throw your business cards in one spot and keep that special flash drive in another. Also good for USB cables you can put in the elastic bands.


Knomo Knomad MiniI did occasionally throw a Nexus 7 tablet in there but I realistically used it more to stop phones, battery pack and USB cable. It worked like a charm. It the devices well protected and once I snapped this sucker closed there was no worry of anything falling out. Before I used to just take the smartphones and find either slip covers for them or what not if I didn’t have a case sometimes but this has happened alleviate the issue. Since it’s so slim sometimes I will throw it in my book bag as well.


It’s a very classy looking organizer and putting it through some things it has worked out great for me. It holds multiple devices and has an awesome build quality for itself. With a pricing of $59.99 and in various colors of Olive, Blue, Sand, and Black you can’t go wrong.

Cool Tidbit: All Knomo London products have a “MyKnomo ID” embedded inside them. Register your bag online, if it ever gets lost, Knomo will be contacted and send it back to you free of charge. How’s that for service.

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