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Nowadays we live in a digital world where our cell phones are glued to our hands and we are always needing battery replenishment. Also depending on the environment you are, there are times you may have to leave your phone where it while it charges up. Common issues with these is you may leave your USB cable home while running out the house or the other scenario is leaving your phone somewhere to charge which eventually can leave it up for theft. ChargeLeash looks to remedy these situations and give a nice secure handle on your device. Can it help keep a leash on your phone?

How It Works

The design and premise of the ChargerLeash is fairly simple. It’s a USB cable that connects from either a AC power adapter or to your PC on one end, and the other will go to your smartphone. I have the model that has the micro USB tip. All you do is connect it and if you happen to detach it, you get a loud beeping sound and flashes light(I believe I have a older version as the small box is a bit more squared now) There are two ways to stop this, either reconnecting your smartphone or holding the little circular spot on the USB cable itself. It’s similar to those alarms you see in electronic stores securing things from getting stolen.
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Does Your Phone Need a Leash?

It really all depends on the person you are. If you like to always have a USB cable and tend to forget then this would be for you. Or maybe you are in the airport or somewhere else charging your phone at an outlet you don’t happen to be keeping an eye on completely. It wouldn’t be for those that constantly grab their phones and put them on and off the charger. The sound that omits is highly annoying. I’d say the ChargerLeash is more for those that tend to travel, or always run out the house and forget things.

ChargerLeash is available from $19.99 to $29.99 depending which model you pick up.

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