Destiny Companion App Now Available on iOS and Android

destiny_iconI know many of you are excited about being able to play Destiny Beta for the first time or being able to play Destiny again if you were in the previous Alpha. Hopefully those who want to play already have their Beta codes locked in and for those who don’t, why not? (Of course you can just preorder the game to get access to it.) In preparation for its release tomorrow, you’ll probably want to download the new Destiny Companion App which has now found its way to both iOS and Android.

The Destiny Companion App will allow you to view your stats, progression, and news. You’ll also be able to manage your inventory, load outs, and more…all in real time. If you want the full Destiny experience, I suggest downloading it on either platform. See you all on Destiny!

destiny_03 destiny_01 destiny_02

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