Denon HEOS (4)

There is nothing better than being in your household, navigating around and playing music. Only thing bad about that is you may have to sync our device to that next closest speaker. Denon looks to solve that problem with their HEOS multi room sound system. When you hear the concept and see the setup it remind you of Sonos which Denon themselves have mentioned various times. We had an opportunity to take a listen to their HEOS 3, HEOS 5, and HEOS 7 at an event we were invited to here in NYC during CE Week.

Denon HEOS (1)The setup was familiar of a loft and they had each variation of the HEOS positioned in different areas within the room. Brendon from Denon was able to give me a hands or rather ears-on how the HEOS system works. He pulled out a iPhone and controlled each speaker with ease, making some play different playlists, combining lists, changing volume, tracks and all from within the phone. It was rather fluid and even showed the same actual controls being done on the Samsung Galaxy S5. When changes were being done on one it translated right to the other device. I like how you have access to most of the popular streaming apps on through the HEOS app and can also use local music too.


Denon HEOS (2)


Not really sharing the spotlight is Denon’s HEOS Amp. With this you can take an existing sound system you have and bring that into the HEOS family. There are multiple connections on the back if you want to say hook up any old speaker or even connect your TV.

Listening to the different playlists and amongst the atmosphere was pretty relaxing. Audio was on point and we look forward to testing out the Denon HEOS speakers in the future. It is interesting that they are coming at the head of Sonos and the pricing is $100-200 over their competing rivals. Denon is on the high-end spectrum though and it sounds like you will get what you pay for.



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