I’m a huge fan of backup battery packs. When I’m on a trip or out somewhere where I know I won’t have access to a plug, I always bring a backup battery pack with me in my day bag. They are very handy to use and if you have the right cables with you, you can recharge just about anything on the go. For the most part, I use them to recharge my smartphones as these seem to drain the quickest throughout the day. Backup battery packs come in all shapes and sizes and most can fully or partially recharge your device at least once. Of course I’m a power user so I like backup battery packs with a bit more oomph with the capacity for multiple recharges, however I don’t want one that is huge in size and a pain to carry. That’s why the Just Mobile Gum++ backup battery seems to hit all the right notes with me. It has a huge 6000mAh battery, but it’s diminutive size makes it very easy to carry, even pocketable.

pp-268agd_1_1While many backup battery packs are very utilitarian in their design, the Gum++ is actually quite attractive. Its rounded edges and soft lines make it easy on the eyes and less of an eye sore. Most of the Gum++ is made of aluminum except for the plastic center portion. The plastic middle houses a full sized USB port for plugging in devices and a micro-USB port to charge the Gum++.  On the top face of the device, you’ll find a button that will turn on/off the Gum++ as well as activate the indicator LED lights to show you how much charge you have left. Other than that, it’s a very minimalistic design that is clean, simple, and attractive.

pp-268agd_2_1To match its simplistic style, the Gum++ is also very simple to use. Basically just plug one of your charging cables in with your device and tap the small button on the front face. The LEDs will go through the start up process and then stay on, indicating that the backup battery is now on and charging your device. If you tap it again, the lights will turn off and your device will no longer be charging. With no devices plugged in, tapping the button will just indicate how much charge is left in the battery based on a series of 5 dots. You can only charge one device at a time but I’m assuming most will only charge one device anyways.


  • Compatible with all smartphones and tablets
  • Recharges any USB device
  • USB-to-micro USB cable included
  • Hard-wearing aluminium shell
  • High capacity – 6000mAh Li-Ion battery
  • High power – 2.5A current
  • 5 LED capacity indicators

Final Thoughts

The Just Mobile Gum++ backup battery isn’t the smallest one I’ve seen before, but it is if you base it on capacity. This is one the smallest 6000mAh units I’ve seen that can be pocketable if need be. You will however still need to carry around the cables you need to charge the devices you want so those things kind of counteract the small size depending on how many cables you need. The construction of the Gum++ is solid with its aluminum outer shell sandwiching a layer of plastic. It’s fairly lightweight, though heavy enough still where you’ll know that it’s there in your pocket. If you’re carrying it in a bag or purse, you won’t feel its weight at all. Overall, I just like the way the Gum++ looks and feels. I mean, if you’re going to carry a backup battery, why not carry one that at least looks stylish while being totally functional.

The Just Mobile Gum++ is available in three different colors – dark silver, gold, and black. It retails for about $80 and you can pick one up for yourself over on their official site here.

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