Samsung Galaxy S5 -Otterbox Symmetry Case  (8)

A few months back I checked out the Otterbox Defender Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 which was built to take a nice drop, but wasn’t my cup of tea. Not saying its bad, but I’m more of the minimalist and I like the lesser the better approach. Seeing that I been checking out the super light Samsung Galaxy S5, I sure couldnt put a bulky case on it but felt I needed some protection. This is where the Symmetry Case from Otterbox has come into play.


Samsung Galaxy S5 -Otterbox Symmetry Case  (3)Popping the Symmetry case out the box, I was surprised how light it was and if it could really provide any protection. But having the name Otterbox, I had to give it a chance anyway. The case is compromised of two plastic materials, with the inner of a more rubberized plastic while the outer is a harder shell material. Since there are two materials depending on what case you decide to get they will have a two tone look. Mines is gray and white for instance, but there are 5 available color variations(with 4 more coming soon).

There are cutouts for the camera, headphone jack, infrared,speaker on back and of course the USB 3.0 port on the bottom. Buttons for the volume and power are comprised of rubber, and work flawlessly with the functions of the S5. I didn’t experience any difficulties or anything getting stuck which is good.


Giving it about a week using the Symmetry Case has provided great results. I didn’t feel Samsung Galaxy S5 -Otterbox Symmetry Case  (7)any awkwardness using it on the S5 and felt the case didn’t take away from the rather sleek and lightweight build of the phone. With a phone so thin a case protection is definitely needed and the case provides this. The case borders are risen above the screen so your display should never touch the table or wherever u rest it face down. I did do the occasional drop out my pocket and the phone showed no issues either.


Looking at the Symmetry case you may not know that’s running for a pricey $40 but its Otterbox and once you see the added value it goes to your already expensive Galaxy S5 device its well worth it. There isn’t as much bulk compared to their previous versions of cases and it give you a clean smooth look. I have seen Otterboxes hold the test of time and I think this one will have your Galaxy S5 stand tall.

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